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Hostess Brands Going Out of Business Sale

With the announcement of Hostess Brands going out of business I went down to the local  Merita Bakery Thrift Store in Oxford, Alabama where they were holding a going out of business sale. Sadly most of the snack cakes are gone but they had plenty of other products including Wonder Bread for 25 to 50 cents each!

I got a couple of leftover snack cakes plus some Hostess Sweet Sixteen Doughnuts.  I also got two loves of Wonder Bread.

The company is now shipping all of their products they have left to their company stores.  And the store in Oxford Alabama just got a fresh shipment of bread products on Saturday. The employees who are losing their jobs told me they will re-open Monday morning at 9 am.  And everything that is left will be 25 cents!  So head down there and grab some loves of Wonder Bread for a quarter a piece!

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