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Bully and Sugar: Southern Justice

I am kind of surprised that hardly anyone has talked about this new show premiering on Animal Planet.  The pilot episode of “Bully and Sugar: Southern Justice” will air Saturday on Animal Planet.  The reality show, taped in Montgomery County Alabama, centers around fighting animal cruelty in the area.  The show features Scott “Sugar Hill” Hill, one of Montgomery county’s animal control officers, and Christopher “Bully the Kid” Bennett, a former animal control investigator for the state of Georgia.

This show is going to help expose animal abuse and neglect in Montgomery County Alabama. TAG (That Animal Group, from Montgomery) notes “This is shameful that we get national exposure for cruelty instead of for something decent.  TAG has a lot of work ahead of it to help change things like this!”  Showing off abused animals on TV is always not good.  But something like this will help change the culture in Alabama.  Watch the premiere of “Bully and Sugar: Southern Justice” this Saturday at 11 pm/10c on Animal Planet.  Watch the opener from the series below!

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  1. We loved this show. What happened? Couldn’t remember what network,so I googled and found it. Very interesting,not the cruelty to animals,just to know this exist in our. Own backyards. Will there be more episodes. Who do we blast to see more of it?

  2. It was only shown a few times on Animal Planet. They say if there was enough viewers they would produce an entire season. I have not heard if they will produce a full season yet. But I enjoyed the pilot!