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Sunday Discussion: Auburn’s Trouble

Last week Auburn lost to a weak Ole Miss team.  Ole Miss was looking for their first SEC win in ages and they finally got it after beating Auburn 41-20.  Auburn is currently 1-5; yes 1-5 and any hopes of winning other games this season are very slim!  So in my opinion, what is going on down on the plains that is causing this team to suck!  I have seen many stories from the sports writers about what is going wrong at Auburn.  But I believe there are many problems that are going to have to be corrected before the Auburn football team does well again.  The 2012 Auburn tunnel video is something that is not helping the football team right now!

In the last couple of games Auburn played well at the first half.  But at each game it seems like the team calls it quits as the game nears the end.  In my opinion Gene Chizik has lost this team.  That is quite a big turnaround from two years ago as he coached a Heisman winner Cam Newton and the team won the BCS National Championship.  So far this season Auburn has been outscored 62-3 in the fourth quarter.  The team has only intercepted one pass all season.  The offense has slowly gotten worse since playing Clemson on opening weekend.  Outside of 2010 championship season, Auburn is 17-15 overall (0-9 against Alabama, Georgia, LSU and Arkansas.)

This season has seen many issues off the field as well such as arrests, suspensions, armed robberies and more.  And on the field the team has no chemistry and absolutely no leadership!  The Auburn family wants all of the athletic teams to win.  Especially the football team!  And if the football team is not winning; the Auburn family gets restless.  Gene Chizik’s wife Jonna Chizik recently wrote to the Auburn family on Facebook.  Her statement has been the butt of jokes here in Alabama.  She said:

“…Therefore, my humble suggestion is to create a VERY POWERFUL ‘ALL IN’ movement of your own.  We have fans all over the US and I think it is time that they RISE UP and snatch back what Satan  himself, has stolen.  We serve a God who recovers ALL that “has been stolen” from us and there are times that He requires the efforts of His people to accomplish this truth.”

If you look at the remaining games Auburn has to play.  It does not look promising to see the football team winning any more games.  Auburn will lose against Georgia and the Iron Bowl against Alabama by big numbers!  Auburn will most likely lose against Texas A&M and Vanderbilt.  And Auburn might win against New Mexico State and Alabama A&M.  If Auburn somehow loses against New Mexico State during homecoming all hell is going to break loose!

Auburn is going through some very tough times right now.  It’s famed oak trees at Toomer’s Corner are near death.  And many Alabama fans still accuses Auburn of paying Cam Newton money to play at Auburn.  Auburn is in desperate need of an image makeover.  And if Gene Chizik is fired at the end of the season he is not the only one that needs to go.  If the head coach is fired the entire football coaching staff needs to be fired as well.  And I would seriously look at firing Athletic Director Jay Jacobs as well.  Since he was hired in 2004 he has hired a weak head football coach and a weak head basketball coach.

It’s time to kick Pat Dye out of Auburn.

But I am not done yet!  If an image change happens down at Auburn someone needs to tell Pat Dye to go retire for good!  Auburn needs to distance itself from Pat Dye and he needs to quit talking to the media forever.  Every time Pat Dye calls in to the Paul Finebaum Radio Show he becomes the butt of jokes to many Alabama fans.  Pat Dye recently said he would not trade Gene Chizik for “10 Nick Sabans.”  This is something that Auburn needs to distance itself from.  And also the YellaWood guy named Jimmy Rane who is an Auburn Board of Trustee is going to have to open the checkbook to bring in the next head football coach.  If Auburn wants to be competitive in recruitment and on the field it will cost a lot of money.  Alabama is spending millions every year to keep Nick Saban and that brings in national championships.  Yes Auburn nation; it will cost money to be competitive in Alabama again.

I am an Auburn fan and always will be!  I hate seeing the Auburn football team play as bad as they do right now.  In fact many of Auburn’s athletic teams suck right now.  Alabama won three national championships last season while Auburn is only good at swimming.  If Auburn doesn’t approve anytime soon we will become the laughing-stock in the nation.  I feel like it’s time for major changes down on the plains!

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