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My 26th Downer Birthday


Today August 15th is my birthday.  I am now 26 years old and that’s good.  But while most people like seeing their birthdays and might have parties or celebrations my birthday will be nothing like that.  If you have been a longtime reader of Young’s Blog and then Geek Alabama you know that I am on my search for my 14th job in 6 1/2 years 7 years now.  So I have held in average two jobs for each year I have been in the workforce.  And each job I have held has either been a temp job or I was let go.  If you want to read more about my job history click the link below.

I always like listening to music while in the car or at home and at times I will think of a song that fits whatever situation I am in.  Right now I have been unemployed close to 14 months now.  And I have done just about everything I can do to find a job.  I have been to 10 job fairs now including the one in Birmingham last week where I stood outside in 90 degree weather for around three hours.  But at each job fair nothing has happened.  I have filled out numerous applications online over the last year with no luck.  And I have been to several interviews but each time they hire someone else.  I think the song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day fits my situation perfectly.

I do think there are a couple of reasons why I am still sitting here in the apartment right now.  One; the economy sucks!  That job fair in Birmingham last week attracted thousands of people.  And many people are still trying to find work.  Some people with college degrees are working minimum wage jobs right now.  For the folks like me who barely passed and survived high school the employers are turning their noses at us.  Two; I always can not connect with many people when I talk to them.  When I talk to most people it feels like I am in an alternative universe.  Some people in the community have said I know of someone who might have a job and I will contact you back.  Weeks later they still have not contacted me back.  Three; my very long job history.  Most employers will do background checks and they will see my last 13 jobs I have done.  I only put down the last four jobs I have done when I fill out an application.  But the employers always cast a blind eye toward me and looks away.

I can’t help it that I am a very clumsy person.  I am prone to breaking things, dropping things, losing money, and doing anything that puts the liability target on my back.  I also struggled through school and education in the past.  The last time I tested my skills things really did not go well at all.  I am at an elementary school level in math and reading.  Give me anything above pre-algebra or a very long book and I will not remember anything.  If I attempt to try to go back to school I have to get a tutor to help me.  And all of that unfortunately requires those little paper greenbacks called money.  At least this blog has put me in the media spotlight in the last year.  Check out the videos below that I am in.

Check out my Dr. Phil post.  I wonder if I will hear from them again?

Most people on their birthdays are very happy and have one of their best days of their lives.  But as of right now I consider my 26th birthday as one of my worst birthdays ever!  What is there to celebrate when you have no confidence and feel so down.  That can happen when you are unemployed for so long.  At least I have Geek Alabama and you the readers.  This blog has been the most successful thing in my life.  I have been through numerous failures with hardly any successes in my life.  I have some great ideas that I want to do through the blog but every time I try to be successful at something it’s like being told to “go sit at that corner over there and never come out.”  But I know I have a great future with Geek Alabama.  Here are some of the things I hope I can do in the future.

  • Maybe benefit a charity through Geek Alabama.
  • Do more business and product reviews.
  • Put in requests for interviews with various people.
  • Do giveaways with the blog readers.
  • Do adventures through the “bucket list.”
  • Cover more events that people are interested in.
  • Do more recipes and food related posts.
  • Maybe open up a store selling shirts or some products.

If someone would notice the great things I do on this blog I would be making money right now.  But right now I feel like I am trapped in a dark and scary cave with no one knowing I’m in there.  I just want people to realize that I have talents I can bring to anyone that is not fast-paced.  Even though I have a disability (Asperger’s Syndrome) I can still be an asset to the workforce.  I hope someone reads this and then contacts me.

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