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TV Review: Sullivan & Son

This new comedy on TBS could be considered as a hybrid of the classic TV comedyCheers.”  But Sullivan & Son has done well in the ratings so far in its first season run.

From TBS.

If you have watched the TV show “Cheers” you know the plot of the show is based from the bar in Boston.  This show’s bar is based from Pittsburgh.  The plot of the show is when Steve Sullivan (Steve Byrne), a successful corporate attorney in New York, returns to his native Pittsburgh and finds out his Irish American father Jack Sullivan (Dan Lauria) and his Korean mother Ok Cha (Jodi Long) has decided to sell a popular bar in a working class neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  The parents are then shocked that Steve Sullivan decided to buy the bar and run it.  The bar is a popular hangout with the locals and just like “Cheers;” we get to see the problems and solutions to everyday problems solved while you are having a drink.  Here is a behind the scenes video from the show.

So far I have enjoyed this show on TBS.  This is like your down home show where everyone knows your name. (Borrowing Cheers Quote)  The family interaction between Steve and his parents are great.  All of the regular bar patrons have their own unique stories to share.  And a fellow Alabamian has a role in this series!  Roy Wood, Jr. plays the role of Roy in the series and is a regular bar patron.  Roy runs a home video rental store and well is broke!  (like me)  So what do you do when you are not making any money and need some inspiration?  You go drink!

The comedy in this show is great and the acting is great as well!  Here’s hope that Sullivan & Son will be around for a long time!  Sullivan & Son airs new episodes every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on TBS.  For more information on the show go to:

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