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Old Fashioned Heat Wave

Well this is something I thought I would not have to talk about until late July or early August.  But I guess the blast furnace has come way too early this year.  Over the next several days. (Thursday-Monday)  A good 2/3rds of the country will be experiencing triple digit heat.  And around here in NE Alabama/NW Georgia we will get the experience as well.   Here is my forecast from Friday-Sunday and it is just plain too hot!

So why are we going to see temps over 100 degrees.  It’s because of this giant dome of strong high pressure that is moving to the east.  And high pressure causes sinking air toward the surface.  This sinking air acts like a giant dome which traps heat under the dome.  That is why we are going to see 100+ degree temperatures.  And it’s very unusual to see temps this hot early in the summer.  The average high for Anniston in late June is 89 degrees.  So we will be around 15 degrees above average.  And with temperatures now reaching over 100 degrees this early in the summer. I do not want to think about how hot it could be later this summer.

Of course there are ways to stay cool over this heat wave.  You need to stay inside in a cool air-conditioned building as much as possible.  Places like the mall, library, or the movie theater are great places to spend time in a heat wave.  At home you can stay cool by taking a cool shower and wearing a damp towel around your neck.  Or you can do something that is taboo down here in Alabama with most people.  Get naked at home! There’s nothing wrong with being ashamed with your body.

If you have to be outside drink fluids often throughout the day.  Drink water or Gatorade throughout the day before you feel thirsty.  If you feel thirsty while outside you are already dehydrated and could have a heat stroke.  Plus you need to limit hard work and take lots of breaks during the heat of the day.  Basically you need to stay indoors during the heat of the day.  You also need to wear loose clothing and stay in the shade.  Plus don’t forget the sunscreen.  Here are some more tips that you can use.

Plus please do not forget the pets.  Make sure they have plenty of water and shade if they are outdoors.  And whatever you do; do not leave your pets or children in a hot car.  That is the worst thing you can do as they will be killed quickly.

This heat wave that is coming our way has also affected the mountain west in the form of wildfires.  The Waldo Canyon Fire has burned over 300 homes.  And the pictures and videos from this sad event are breathtaking.  Here is one extreme video of people evacuating right before the fires moved in.  You can see the fire coming down the mountain and entering the neighborhood.

That picture is one of many that are coming out of the Waldo Canyon fire.  Here is a great photo set from the burned neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.  These are sad photos.

And here is another photo set from the Denver Post.  These photos are also unbelievable.

And here are some resources for people looking for information on the fire.  Go to for Twitter feed updates from the fire.  And go to for ways to help donate money, supplies, or time for all of the fires in Colorado.

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  1. Those images from the Waldo fire are amazing. It looks like the apocalypse came early! As a resident of Colorado, I have sadly grown familiar with the sight of fire sweeping over our state. I can’t even turn on the TV without being bombarded with more pictures of burning houses and billowing smoke. I couldn’t even imagine being one of the many fighting these fires in the blistering heat. All I can manage to do is slug around in the AC, let alone fight flames the size of buildings! My coworkers and I at Dish laugh that we now find pleasure in reporting to work each day because we have a central air system! I’m considered one of the lucky ones to also have working AC in my home. The only way I’ve managed to survive this difficult summer so far is cranking it full blast with a cold drink in my hand and a movie on TV. I’ve been living off the plethora of movies and shows I have stockpiled on my Hopper DVR. I’ve worn out the record button on the remote and still haven’t even made a dent on the recording space I still have available. The longer I can avoid going outdoors, the better!

  2. I am with you! It’s going to be a very long process for those people who lost their homes in the wildfires. I also hate that Colorado and many communities are banning fireworks for the 4th of July but it had to happen because it’s so dry. This time of the year I am usually camped indoors unless I am covering a event or going somewhere. If I spend way too much time outdoors when its hot and humid I will start making big mistakes. But it does get boring when I am unemployed and getting bored. So I hope something changes soon. I can not wait for Fall and Winter to come back again!