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How To Help The Typhoon Haiyan Survivors


Last weekend, Super Typhoon Haiyan caused massive destruction in The Philippines.  Haiyan was a category 5 typhoon and will most likely go down as the strongest storm ever to make landfall.  Just look at this satellite imagery below, this is as perfect a storm you will ever get.  Image from the University of Wisconsin.

I have seen all the photos and videos of the destruction.  Especially in the city of Tacloban.  Just about everything is gone.  All the trees have been uprooted.  Most of the buildings have lost their roofs or are gone.  And large ships are onshore due to the high storm surge.  Nearly 10 million people were affected and officials are saying over 10,000 people might be dead and 660,000 people have been displaced.  Storm chaser Jim Edds rode out the storm in Tacloban and I wanted to share three tweets from him that are very detailed.  Sorry for the tough images, but you needed to see this.

Here is a video from the YouTube channel Earth Uncut TV that shows the incredible power of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

And here is the destruction from this mega storm.  This is really sad.

So people are asking how they can help the people in The Philippines.  These people are going to need help for years to come.  The military is starting to bring in food and clean water, but a lot more is going to be needed.  This list below is organizations that are helping in the Typhoon Haiyan effort.  Something as simple as donating $10 through your mobile phone or online can go a long way to helping these people!

UN World Food Programme – Americans can text the word AID to 27722 to donate $10 or give online by clicking here.

Salvation Army – You can text TYPHOON to 80888 to Donate $10 or give online by clicking here.

American Red Cross – To let family and friends know you’re OK, or to search for loved ones, click here.  To donate directly, click here.

Google – Google launched a person finder to organize information on people lost in the storm.  To access, click here.

World Vision – Donate directly to World Vision by clicking here.

UNICEF – Donate directly to UNICEF by clicking here.

Doctors Without Borders – Donate directly to Doctors Without Borders by clicking here.

The Catholic Relief Services – Donate directly to Catholic Relief Services by clicking here.

AmeriCares – Donate directly to AmeriCares by clicking here.

ShelterBox – Donate directly to ShelterBox by clicking here.

Save the Children – Donate directly to Save the Children by clicking here.

Operation USA – Donate directly to Operation USA by clicking here.

Habitat for Humanity – Donate directly to Habitat for Humanity by clicking here.

Mercy Corps – Donate directly to Mercy Corps by clicking here.

Americares – Donate directly to Americares by clicking here.

Care USA – Donate directly to CARE USA by clicking here.

Oxfam America – Donate directly to Oxfam America by clicking here.

International Medical Corps – Donate directly to International Medical Corps by clicking here.

International Rescue Committee – Donate directly to the International Rescue Committee by clicking here.

One more video from the YouTube channel weathernation that shows you how Typhoon Haiyan got so strong.  Pray for the people in The Philippines.

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