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Watch Someone Visit The Weed Research Lab In Colorado On #420Day

Happy #420Day!  You probably know the meaning of this day.  So let’s watch YouTuber CGP Grey fly from Europe to Colorado and visit the Weed Research Lab.  You get to see the […]

Check Out This Video Of A Tornado And A Rainbow Together

Sometimes Mother Nature can give us some weird tricks!  The YouTube channel and stormchasers Basehunters Chasing captured video of a tornado behind a rainbow.  This was captured in Eastern Colorado and it was very […]

Go Inside The Colorado Weed Industry In The Documentary: Guns, Drugs, and Money

The New York Times recently profiled people running marijuana shops in Colorado.  Even though marijuana is legal in the state, it’s still illegal in the United States.  And the federal government can […]

Three New And Interesting Laws for 2014

Every time we usher in a new year, many states and communities also usher in new laws.  And this year, there are many new laws!  Some will help people like the states […]

Old Fashioned Heat Wave

Well this is something I thought I would not have to talk about until late July or early August.  But I guess the blast furnace has come way too early this year.  Over the […]

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