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The Bullying Crisis; Karen Klein

I think all of you have now seen this video when a bus monitor named Karen Klein was bullied and harassed by middle school students while on a school bus.  She was insulted by several students on the bus.  And she was taunted by a stream of curse words, insults, and ridicule.  She was even hit on her arm by a book.  It was just disgusting.  Why were spoiled teenage brats allowed to harass and bully a 68 year-old women?  Of course if the women had enough and decided to hit one of the teens for harassing her; she would have been arrested.  And I think some of those teens deserved to be spanked or hit in the mouth for doing what they did to Ms. Klein.  Here is the original video for those who have not seen it.  Warning for strong language.

I applaud Karen Klein for going through that abuse.  If it was me or many other people having to go through what she had taken.  I would have probably flipped out.  Of course with this video going viral and everyone around the world talking about this video the media has gotten involved.  She was interviewed by a reporter at her home.  She said she would not like to see the kids (who abused her) faces again.  And I love the purse that she has with many words that you can live by.  I bet purses like the one Ms. Klein has will be selling now.

And here is a great interview from Fox and Friends.

People are now donating to a fund for Karen Klein so she can take a very long vacation.  And after what she went through on that bus.  She is the most deserving person on the planet that deserves a great vacation!  Here is the link to the website so you can donate. (over $650,000)

I want to say something to Karen Klein.  You sat through that abuse from those kids on that bus.  And I am amazed that you did not snap and stayed calm.  Those kids who threw insults at you are monsters and spoiled brats.  Those parents of those kids who insulted you needs to severely punish their children.  I even hope the kids that bullied you even get arrested and thrown into jail.  I also think they deserve to go to boot camp.  And the parents need to be held accountable as well.  Maybe being arrested and thrown into jail themselves will be a great lesson.  Ms. Klein you are a very special lady.  Don’t let a few bad apples overwhelm your life.  Those kids will get what they deserve after what they did to you.  I would take the money that is being raised right now and take a very long vacation.  Go with your family around the world and see the things you want to see.  And please stay involved in the local schools.  Those few kids who bullied you are not the norm at that school district.  Many people including teens and kids wants to hear what you have to say.  You can become a huge role-model to many people.  Continue living a great life and don’t feel bad for those kids who harmed you.

Now if you do not think the bullying crisis is now extreme.  Do you have your head in the sand?  The bullying crisis is now so extreme even a 68 year-old women was bullied by kids.  That should tell you that we have a huge problem.  We hear about numerous stories of bullying or kids who committed suicide because of being bullied.  Even this video shows the kids reaction of a video posted online of bullying.

I have been a victim of bullying even to today. (age 25)  I was bullied numerous times in school.  Kids were hitting me, calling me numerous bad names, kicking down doors while using the bathroom, holding me down and being hit, chasing me down while outside during recess, and many other things.  And when I went home the bullying did not stop.  The step brothers hit me numerous times and called me bad names.  And the parents were also bullies to me.  I would have to sit at a table while a camera was trained on me.  And I got to sit in my room for days at a time while smelling urine soaked bed sheets.  And I got punished for screaming for help while the brothers got a slap on the wrist.  It was not a good time.

And even out in the workforce I have been bullied.  Being told to do odd jobs while the other employees get to sit back and relax.  And on my last job I was out driving for up to 16 hours a day!  This came with very little pay and orders from management to speed and drive crazy to get the stuff done early so I would not be breaking federal law.  By the way I have a court date about that soon.  So I have been constantly bullied by peers at school and at the workplace.  Maybe that’s why I am still searching for my 14th job in 6 1/2 years.

I hope maybe one day people will learn to get along and quit harming and bullying other people.  But as of right now I think this crisis is getting worse by the day.  And things need to change quickly.  It will not kill the parents of kids who are bullies to spank and severely punish their kids.  Maybe boot camps can see an increase of business.

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