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Five PlayStation Games That Deserve Sequels

Ever just finished a really good game and wonder if there will be more to satisfy your rush, but then after researching come to realize that it may never actually happen? There […]

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The Bullies Are Going To Lose, And Keaton Jones Is Going To Win

I have seen this video, and it has pissed me off.  I mean, we all know the bullying is a MAJOR problem currently happening in society.  It does not matter if it’s […]

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The Michael Morones / My Little Pony Bullying Situation

We keep hearing of stories and stories over bullying.  And I must say that bullying is a worldwide epidemic that is getting worse.  From adults in the NFL bullying each other to […]

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The Richie Incognito Problems And Why Bullying Must Be Stopped

Bullying has gotten way out of control around the world.  It’s not just in schools anymore, people have been bullied at the workplace, while driving, while shopping, and even at home.  Bullying […]

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Good News Fridays: Jetset Getset / PACER Working To End Bullying

Even though we are nearing the end of October, October is a very important month for some people who have gone through something that they wish other kids will never have to […]

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The Bullying Crisis; Karen Klein

I think all of you have now seen this video when a bus monitor named Karen Klein was bullied and harassed by middle school students while on a school bus.  She was […]

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