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Bo Jackson Bikes Bama

Bo Jackson; the legendary Auburn football player; is starting an over 300 mile bike ride from the Georgia state line to Tuscaloosa.  He will be making stops along the route in cities like Guntersville, Cullman, Jasper, and Bessemer.  The bike ride will start on Tuesday and end on Saturday in Tuscaloosa.  Here is a map of the route that will go through some of the hardest hit areas of the 4-27-11 outbreak.

Bo Jackson is doing this charity bike ride to help raise $1 million dollars for the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund.  This fund is helping people with their recovery in the tornado aftermath.  No matter if you are an Alabama or Auburn fan you have to support this cause! Learn more about the bike ride at and help donate today!  And watch these two videos below to learn more about this great bike ride!

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