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The End of the Rampage


It’s the end of an era at the former Alabama Adventure park.  The Rampage roller coaster is destined to be torn down and sold off.  A news conference was held today and it was revealed that the park would now only focus on water attractions.  The new name is Alabama‘a Splash Adventure Waterpark.  The park near Bessemer, AL has been getting a bad rap ever since a huge fight broke out last summer.  Much of the comments so far online has people not liking this news.

This question needs to be asked?  How in the world do you move a large wooden roller coaster?  Hopefully whomever the people who buy this coaster will put it to good use.  This is just the continuation of people bashing good things coming into the Birmingham metro.  People have gone to war on the comments over great things such as the new downtown ballpark to the new BJCC entertainment district.  Do those people just love going out of state to spend their money?  The Birmingham metro area needs to grow and offer new things for the people to do!

It’s just sad that another fun thing to do in the Birmingham metro is going away.  The coaster was ranked as one of the top 10 wooden roller coasters in the country.  Now it’s heading toward the scrap yard.  The people needs to start working together to help bring new great things to do in the metro area.  Not bash each other online over something great planned for the Birmingham area.  Not everything can be placed in Shelby County.  Some people really needs to grow up!  I am just glad I live close to Atlanta; where all the fun’s at!

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