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Waterfall in Collinsville Alabama

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Recently I went to a little known waterfall that is only accessible by a dirt road.  You can see the waterfall while going up Sand Mountain on AL-68 near Collinsville, AL.  It is very small most of the time but if you go to see it after a good rain.  Then it is roaring over the mountain.

The hike up to the waterfall is very strenuousness.  The trail has a very sharp incline and you will need to stop and catch your breath while walking up.  Do not go up the trail after a rain because there is many rocks and if they are wet they will be slippery.  But the views are worth it.  Enjoy the photos below.

Someone has put flowers inside the cave under the waterfall.  If you want to see this waterfall it is off CR-221 near Collinsville, AL heading up Sand Mountain.  Just look for a pullout on the side of the road when you cross over a creek.

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