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Roadscapes Wednesday: Tredegar Road in Jacksonville

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So this week I want to take you to a little known landmark in this area.  This tunnel on Tredegar Rd. near Jacksonville,AL is something else.  You would think that this is only a culvert for the creek but you are wrong.  This is a actual county road that goes through this tunnel.  What makes this worse; there is a creek that also runs through this tunnel.  So when it is flooding I wouldn’t go in there.  Plus this small tunnel is a blind spot.  Better hope there is not a car going the other way.  Plus all the graffiti painted on the tunnel walls makes this a weird spot.

You would think driving up to this tunnel that it is closed.  But it is a actual county road with a creek running through it.

This is me driving through the tunnel.

Sad that some people like to pollute the creek.

Yes this tunnel is open.  I got a photo of a car going into the tunnel.  This tunnel was for a former train track that is now gone.  I would like to see this tunnel torn up and split up the road and creek.  But knowing how popular this landmark is.  By the way there is a university nearby.  I do not think it will happen.

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  1. I go to JSU and this is one of my favorite spots to go besides the mountain and the moon. I don’t recommend going when it has rained any time in the past week, but every time I go, the graffiti is different and new. It’s a work of art done mainly by the students at JSU, and I think it’s awesome.