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Animation Monday: 2014 Labor Day Political Cartoons

Geek Alabama Animation

On this Animation Monday on a Tuesday, I am highlighting more political cartoons featuring the topic of Labor Day.  I have been unemployed for over three years now and these cartoons below highlight the struggles of unemployed people on Labor Day.  So, enjoy the cartoons!

152973_6008d91338198ec200d6d40501f88a4ad9cos-labor-day-jobs-20110902Labor Day152739_600136841_600153288_600darkowUnemployment CartoonLabor Day 200917_1367235400bc98d1728.preview-620

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  1. Dear Nathan – Oh my god, my productivity has taken a dent this morning because of GeekAlabama! Actually I needed specific editorial cartoons for a project I’m working on and stumbled upon your site. Didn’t find anything for my project (decided against using editorial cartoons) but simply must send kudos to you. It’s a great site – definite a “Bookmark Keeper.” There’s clearly a lot of great work put it into it. Thank you – and keep it coming!
    Regard, Jeannie in New Jersey