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Watch A Video Showing USA Tornadoes By Year 1950-2017

Alabama is known as one of the top places in the entire world for strong and damaging tornadoes.  And in the video below, you can see every tornado and intensity from 1950 […]

One Year Anniversary Of The Jacksonville, Alabama Tornado

One year ago this week, a EF-3 tornado ripper through Jacksonville, Alabama and Jacksonville State University.  The tornado damaged many buildings on the campus and in the city.  Thankfully no one was […]

Video From The 3-14-19 Alabama Tornado Event

Last Thursday, Alabama saw over 10 tornadoes across the central and northern part of the state.  Many were either ranked as a EF-0 or EF-1, although the strongest was a EF-2.  Below […]

Pictures And Video From The March 3, 2019 Alabama Tornadoes

Last Sunday, a tornado outbreak occurred across Alabama and Georgia.  Multiple tornadoes caused damage in numerous towns.  But, the strongest and worst tornado of the day occurred in Lee County, Alabama.  The […]

Pictures And Video From The 1-19-2019 Wetumpka, Alabama Tornado

On Saturday, January 19th, a significant tornado tore through the center of Wetumpka, Alabama.  The tornado in my opinion after looking at the damage pictures will likely be rated around the EF-2 to EF-3 […]

See What Would Happen If You Dived Into A Tornado

Here in Alabama we are known for having big tornadoes.  So if you were stupid enough, what would happen if you dived right into a tornado?  Well, don’t do that!  And second, […]

Check Out These Crazy Tornado Videos From Germany

I guess people in Europe are not as concerned about tornadoes as us here in Alabama.  This week, a tornado struck around Viersen, Germany and  Lobberich, Germany.  As you can see, this tornado […]

Video Roundup: The Best Videos From The April 27th Tornado Outbreak

Seven years ago today, over 60 tornadoes tore across the Alabama landscape.  The tornadoes, which included a couple EF-5’s, killed 252 people and injured thousands more.  That was a day me and […]

Tornado Videos From The 4-22-2018 Severe Weather Day

On Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, several tornadoes touched town across the Gulf Coast region.  In this first video, a EF-1 tornado tore through Galliano, LA and struck a Sonic Drive-In. Surveillance video shows […]

Video Roundup: Tornado Videos From The April 13-15 Tornado Outbreak

Over the last few days, the southeast saw several tornadoes tear across the landscape.  On Friday, several tornadoes roared across Arkansas.  In Mountainburg, this person was very close to the tornado. Wow! Scott […]

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