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Geek Alabama’s Top 15 Super Bowl Ads Of 2015


Overall, I thought the game was great.  I mean, we had the best play in NFL history, followed by the worst play in NFL history, followed by a fight.  As for the ads, this year was a let down!  Most of the ads were not too good!  I mean, that Nationwide ad featuring a young boy saying he was going to die was stupid!  But, there were a few good ads that I want to feature!  So, here are my top 15 Super Bowl 49 ads!

Budweiser – Lost Puppy

Who does not love puppies?  This ad was on the top of the USA Today Ad Meter this year, and for good reason!

Coca-Cola – Make It Happy

The world is very negative.  Sometimes, we need to think about what we are doing online.  This ad does a great job with that!

Always – Like A Girl

This ad is for empowering young girls everywhere!  Always did great with this ad!

Morphie – All Powerless

I loved this ad!  What happens when everything is sucked out into space?  Find out below!

NFL – Rally

The NFL did great with this ad!  Insert marching bands, cats, dogs, the US Military, The Lego Movie, and My Little Pony, and this ad is great for the geeks!

Snickers – Brady Bunch

Snickers did a great job with the Brady Bunch ad!  I enjoyed it!

Toyota – How Great I Am

This ad is great for those who are disabled!  It proves that if you are disabled, you can still do anything!

Fiat – Blue Pill

Since my mom is married to an Italian, this ad was a favorite for me!

Doritos – Middle Seat

Yep, most of us has been there before when on an airplane!

Dodge – Wisdom

It’s great a car ad featuring life lessons from the elderly!

Bud Light – Coin

Bud Light did an awesome thing with real life Pac-Man!

TurboTax – Boston Tea Party

What if taxes were so easy?  Since I am a history buff, I liked this ad!

Supercell – Angry Neeson

Don’t we love playing games on your smartphones!

Microsoft – Braylon

Microsoft also did a great ad featuring people with disabilities!  I liked this ad!

Jeep – Beautiful Lands

Great job Jeep showing how great the Earth really is!

One last thing!  I enjoyed the father ads from Toyota, Nissan, and Dove.  But, since I really don’t have a good father, I thought the ads were just okay!

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