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Some Spectacular Sunset Pictures

Wow I have been busy today!  So I am posting something late on Saturday.  Over the last few weeks I have taken some great sunset pictures and I thought you would enjoy […]

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One Amazing Sunset

Coming back from Birmingham and into Gadsden I looked at my mirror and saw this amazing sunset occurring.  So I pulled over on I-759 and got out of my car.  These pictures below […]

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Venus Passing In Front of the Sun

On Tuesday evening I went to see history.  The planet Venus passed in front of the sun on Tuesday.  Something that will never happen again until 2113.  The folks from Jacksonville State […]

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Candlelight Vigil in Calhoun County

4-27-11 was a tough day for all of Alabama.  The Calhoun County tornado came through around 6:30pm one year ago on 4-27.  On Friday evening around 100 people came to First Baptist […]

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