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How To Better Your Life While In Lockdown

Practically most of the population is suffering under cabin fever or similar effects to it, thanks to being suddenly thrust in lockdown and quarantine conditions without being prepared for what such a thing entails.

Travel plans have been canceled, social gatherings are discouraged if not outright banned, and everyone has been required to wear masks while walking the streets now.

So, what can we do about it?

For starters, our daily lives now have to be shifted to take into account this new situation, until everything finally gets sorted out and it is finally safe for us to take to the streets once more. While nothing beats the freedom of being able to do what we wish without being forced to stay at home, that does not mean that we can’t find other ways to keep ourselves entertained and busy.

Here are some things you can do to do just that.


1.     Power up the inner chef inside you

With restaurants and other dining places either having to modify their setup to follow social distancing regulations or closing down entirely, a lot of people have responded by taking to the kitchen to let loose the creative chef inside of them.

After all, why risk yourself in an uncomfortable environment for a meal, when you can simply make your own in the safe confines of your own home?

Yes, you can very much use this opportunity to make your own meals and start cooking. Since people are staying inside now more than ever, this leads to them having more time to cook and practice making new recipes.

And this does not just mean frying things in a pan. You can even try out baking or mix your own drinks. A few Google searches will easily help you get started with that.


2.     Go out and explore the great outdoors

Who said that you can’t go outside because of lockdown and social distancing measures?

While it is true that these new guidelines discourage you from going out to reduce the chance of encountering people, it’s not like malls, convenience stores, and city parks are the only places you can go.

For instance, hiking trails and camping sites would certainly enjoy your company. Some sites may be closed, but others are still open, and with social distancing measures in place, it is unlikely that you will find a lot of hikers or campers walking around (if any at all).

You don’t even need to go that far, if you have a nearby forest, or heck, even a spacious front yard, you can still head out for a little bit and enjoy the fresh air for a little while. It’s not good to stay in such a confined space for a long time, even if it is your own home. Going out will help you feel relaxed, if only for a little while.


3.     Explore different types of entertainment media

Watching 5-minute YouTube videos is not the only way you can pass the time.

Movies, for instance, are being streamed online in light of the pandemic instead of relying on theater releases. Streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu are as popular as ever, while video game sales have seen an explosive growth now that people have an excuse to stay home and open their PS4 and Switch again.

Maybe now you’ll finally be able to catch up to those movies and games in 2020 that you have not had time to watch.

But maybe you’re not exactly someone who enjoys having to handle technology or paying for subscription services, in which case, how about a good book? Whether it’s the good old physical hardbound copies or the ones that you can read online through certain websites, enjoying literature on the couch is as relaxing now as it has always been.


4.     Pick up a new hobby

If simply turning into a couch potato that watches videos all day isn’t exactly up your alley, then perhaps you can consider trying out new hobbies? There are surprisingly a lot of things you can try out if you put your mind into it.

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys produce but you don’t always want to go through the effort of driving to the grocery store or having them be delivered, in which case you can try gardening and plant your own vegetables.

Or perhaps you love the outdoors, and think that hikes and camping trips are not enough to give you a thrilling experience, in which case you can try bow hunting and train your skills to become a better hunter with the best recursive bows while also getting up close with nature.

What if you are more of the creative type? Maybe you can try out art for the very first time or try creating music with an instrument or by mixing stuff online. If you enjoy a more practical session, then perhaps you can consider interior decorating to spruce up your rooms, or proper car maintenance to ensure that your vehicle is all tuned up and ready to go, while also looking spick and span.


5.     Work on your relationship

Have you ever tried to stop for a bit to think about your relationship and how to improve it further?

With so much of our lives lately being devoted to keeping ourselves busy and entertained, the lockdown gives us an opportunity to reflect on your own life.

Are there any things you could be doing better right now?

Many couples see one or both partners having affairs. Thankfully, infidelity rates dropped significantly during the lockdown. But if you or your partner did indeed have an affair at some point, that doesn’t mean the marriage is doomed. Learn more about how to save your marriage after an affair over at Middle Class Dad.



Things certainly feel very cramped in this lockdown, but it’s not like there isn’t anything for you to do. All you need is the right mindset and motivation, and you might just find yourself with some new skills and hobbies once you walk out of this.

Plus, these ideas don’t just apply to this lockdown. If a similar occurrence ever happens in the future, you can be sure that these tips will work just as well.

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