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Roadscapes Wednesday: My Mom Is Now On Google Maps Street View

Google Street View has mapped so many roads across our planet.  I love going onto Street View when I’m bored and just randomly go to a place and look at their roads.  It’s one of my favorite tools!  A few years ago, the US 431 Anniston Eastern Bypass opened up, and finally Google Street View sent their cars to our area to map the new roads and update their pictures on other roads.  You can now view the entire Anniston Eastern Bypass on Street View.

But, Street View caught something else.  Every week my mother comes down to take me to do laundry and grocery shopping.  While we were waiting at a red light, a Street View car turned onto the same road we were on and went in the other direction.  Yes, I figured the car were taking pictures, so my mother waved towards the cameras!  And when Google updated the Street View, there she was.

Yep, my mom can now claim that she is on Google Street View, if you want to see it, click here!

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