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See Alabama Spin On Google Maps Where’s Waldo Game For April Fools Week

UPDATE: This post is written by Cameron Balentine from Bham Now.  Learn more at: https://bhamnow.com/

Beginning yesterday, in honor of April Fools day and continuing on for the next week, maybe longer, Google is bringing that fun striped-shirt-wearing-traveler from Where’s Waldo? to Google Maps users.

Via: Frugal Frigate

When on your Android, iOS, or desktop, you’ll see Waldo pop up in his classic red and white stripes and round glasses to give you a  wave. Next just tap or click on Waldo and you’ll see the option to play the game that’s straight out of the classic children’s puzzle books.

This is one of Google’s annual April Fools Day jokes or “Easter Eggs” they’ve been doing since 2000, but this time they are actually integrating Google Maps into the game.

Waldo is making his Google Maps debut because two 23-year-old Google Maps product managers, Max Greenwald and Shreena Thakore, thought it would be cool and were able to get enough resources to make it happen quickly. How’s that for a first time project as a new hire?

Waldo and the gang. Via- omg.social

You won’t just be searching for Waldo, you’ll also be trying to locate his friends Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, and also the villain Odlaw. Once you find Waldo, you’ll be transported to different places throughout the “world” to start the search again. Sounds fun!

Last year, Google’s surprise guest, Ms. Pac-Man, spanned at least 10 different products, from Google Cloud, Chromebooks, and Google Maps integration. Google is serious about being silly during this first week of April.

Alabama Waldos?

At Bham Now we usually find a reference to our city in almost every article we write. I found a Birmingham Waldo…

Dr.  Ralph Waldo Beeson was the single largest benefactor of Samford University, here in Birmingham. There is a bronze statue of Dr. Beeson on Samford’s campus.

Samford’s Waldo, Via: FB

Another Alabama Waldo is The Waldo Covered Bridge. The bridge is a privately owned wood & metal combination style covered bridge that spans from Talladega Creek off of AL-77 south of the town of Waldo, about an hour from Birmingham.

Alabama geek helps you hack or crack the game!

If you want a hack or cheat the Google Where’s Waldo game, meet Nathan Young. He’s a rocket scientist in Huntsville, AL who has a very cool, nationally recognized website called Geek Alabama, all about science and popular culture, tech, and Alabama.

Haha!  I wish I was a rocket scientist from Huntsville, AL!  I am really from Anniston, AL and unemployed and on Social Security Disability.  I am available to be hired though!

He has cracked the game!  Visit his site if you want some hints or the solution…or to learn about the most random subjects, cool videos, some Alabama facts and lots of tech news.  See the article at: https://geekalabama.com/2018/04/01/here-is-how-to-cheat-your-way-through-the-wheres-waldo-game-on-google-maps/

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