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Good Times With Georgina

Every time I head over to my mom’s house there is someone that always comes up to the car to want some love.  She is Georgina the dog.  A couple of years ago we think she was abandoned by someone on the side of the road.  Well somehow she got hit by a car and one of her back legs was broken.  She somehow wound up at our house and was scared of us.  It took a couple of days of feeding her out of sight to get her used to us.  Then after a trip to the vet and a leg amputation she was one happy dog.  We do not know what mixed breeds she is or how old she is but she is a lovey dog.  She loves to get spoiled with human food, tons of love, and car rides.  Every time she goes for a car ride she will only stick her nose out to smell the air.  But she wants love the most.  When I come over I will have to love her for over an hour with pieces of fur flying in the air.  So I took some photos of what she looks like and enjoy!

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