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View The 15 Life Lessons From Classic Board Games Presentation

Here is another great presentation anyone who is a geek/nerd should love, or anyone who loves playing games will love!  When you were a kid, there some life lessons you learned from […]

The Fifth Season Of Family Game Night Premieres on Sunday August 3rd

Show of hands, who likes game shows?  I do!  I enjoy watching my daily dose of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, and The Price Is Right.  Now, Hub Network is about to premiere […]

Upcoming Hub Network Shows: Parents Just Don’t Understand, Kid President, Family Game Night

First off, last week I was a part of the 2nd Hub Network What’s The Hubbub – Spooksville Hangout featuring Keean Johnson and series head writer Jim Krieg.  The video is hosted by Hub Network’s […]

Hub Network Christmas Specials For 2013

To keep you in the Geek Alabama Christmas spirit, I am going to present three special Christmas episodes from the friends at the Hub Network.  These three shows have grown to be […]

Why Video Games Are Good For The Family

On Tuesday I watched the live feed of the Activision’s Family Game Summit held in New York City.  The summit was about Activision’s new games that are coming out.  Plus several speakers talked […]

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