Aspie Recipes: Making A Banana and Orange Smoothie

This recipe is going to be a quick and healthy option for anyone to drink!  That’s right, I have made a banana and orange smoothie without the use of a blender.  Since […]

See the Inside of the TARDIS, Thanks to Google Maps

This post is going out to all the Doctor Who fans out there!  One of the main staples of Doctor Who is the TARDIS, or Time and Relative Dimension in Space.  The TARDIS […]

The Hateful Autism Letter In Canada

When I saw this story yesterday, I immediately became disgusted!  How can anyone from anywhere send a letter like this to a family with a child with autism?  The anonymous letter was […]

My Review of Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

This post is going to talk about the awesome special that aired on Disney Channel last Friday night called Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel.  For the ones who have not seen this […]

Animation Monday: Wander Over Yonder

Time to talk about another great animated show that premiered on Disney Channel after the special Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel event!  Wander Over Yonder is created by Craig McCracken, the creative mind […]

Video Roundup: Breaking Bad, Epic Chick Fight, Introverts

It’s time for Video Roundup. My top 12 videos of the week! 10 Incredible Food Life Hacks You Need To Know This video might make you hungry. Sam Horowitz – Live at […]

Why Killing Off Speed Channel Is A Bad Move For Fox

UPDATE:  Sign the petition to bring back Speed Channel at: Welcome to the south, where car enthusiasts thrive!  Car racing and NASCAR is extremely popular and you find that most males […]

Geek Alabama’s Top 10 Photos / Videos While I Was Age 26

Today is my birthday and I turned 27.  So I decided to put together a very special video showing off my top 10 photos and videos that I have taken while I […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: How I Draw My Roads Video

Ever since I started Geek Alabama, I have had a post showing you how I draw my road drawings from start to finish.  Today, I have taken that post to the next […]

Music Thursdays: Walk Off the Earth / Your Best Morning Ever

This week on Music Thursdays, on a Wednesday.  I am putting this out early because I have special birthday posts planned for Thursday!  This first video from the YouTube channel walkofftheearth is outstanding!  The […]

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