Good News Fridays: The Impact Of Lower Gas And Oil Prices

So who are enjoying the lower gas prices?  I know many people are!  Gas prices in Alabama are now mostly below $3 a gallon for regular.  It has been like this for […]

Watch A Webcam From Bermuda While Hurricane Gonzalo Strikes

A major hurricane is about to impact the island of Bermuda.  Hurricane Gonzalo is a category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 mph as of 5 pm Central.  And as you […]

HBO And CBS Streaming Options, Why I Believe Moving To All Internet Streaming Will Not Work

This is the news cord cutters have been waiting for!  This week, HBO announced that they would soon begin to offer HBO via internet streaming in 2015.  HBO already has a way […]

Watch Kid President And Grover At The Socktober Telethon

Kid President and Grover from Sesame Street are back for another awesome video!  Their first video is a great pep talk, the second video features Kid President and Grover at the Socktober […]

Music Thursdays: The Because I Got High Guy Is Back

Remember the classic and funny song “Because I Got High?”  The song, sung by Afroman, tells the story of things going horribly wrong after he smoked marijuana.  The fate of Afroman gets […]

Shepard Smith Calms People’s Fears About Ebola In Four Minutes

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has got some people here in the United States very concerned.  Sure, there have been a few cases of the disease confirmed in places like in Texas. […]

Animation Monday: Leo The Pet Robot, Breakfast In Paris, The Divide, Lesley The Pony

This week on Animation Monday, while I monitor the severe weather happening in the southeast, I thought I would showcase four more animated videos that you should enjoy! Leo The Pet Robot […]

Kid President and Grover From Sesame Street Team Up For Socktober

Kid President usually gets a lot of views on his videos.  And Brad Montague and Kid President are awesome people, who I got to talk too a while back.  Even though their […]

Aspie Recipes: Five Minute Chocolate Pie

Here is another recipe, and this one is very quick!  Who likes chocolate pie, I do!  And if you don’t want to spend hours making a chocolate pie, I have got a […]

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