Roadscapes Wednesday: Corolla #UnexpectEverything Weekend

I wanted to put this post up yesterday, but I had to wait to confirm all the details and it’s on like Donkey Kong!  This weekend from Friday to Monday, I will […]

Enter Your Pony Art In The News 4 This Morning Pony Art Contest

I love that Alabama TV stations talk about the geek/nerd culture.  One station that talks about our culture every morning is CBS 4 or WTVY-TV out of Dothan.  You would think a […]

Music Thursdays: Jimmy Fallon & Sesame Street / Best X-Factor Auditions

This week, I wanted to share some great music videos from some TV shows currently on the air.  First off, I must share this video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Jimmy […]

TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

On Tuesday night, ABC premiered Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  The show picks up after The Avengers movie as agent Phil Coulson (played by Clark Gregg) puts together a small team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases. […]

Watch Sadie Robertson / Kolby Koloff’s New Series, The New Different

If you watch the TV show Duck Dynasty, then you know that the Robertson family follows God and Jesus Christ very closely.  Aside from the crazy things and laughter you get in […]

Why Corporal Punishment Should Be Banned From Schools

My post about why dodgeball should be banned in schools has been very popular on Geek Alabama with many people not agreeing with me, I mean that is fine.  But I don’t […]

Animation Monday: Doctor Lollipop On Cartoon Hangover

Are you looking for a twisted Red Riding Hood story that involves a T-Rex, a talking wolf, a talking raccoon, and a pink unicorn who is a physician, then this video is […]

Help Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary To Raise The Fence

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia was founded in 1991 and their mission is very simple.  They are an animal rescue organization focused on rescuing extremely abused animals. They rescue exotic, […]

Sunday Discussion: The Troubling Alabama Jobs / GDP Picture

So as some of you may know, I have been on the never-ending job search for the last 27 months now.  I have filled out nearly 450 job applications and have been […]

Video Roundup: Ylvis The Fox Reactions, House Plumbed With Beer, Kid President Pep Talk

It’s time for Video Roundup!  My top 16 videos of the week! Ohio University Marching Band Performs Ylvis The Fox Awesome halftime show! Elders React To Ylvis The Fox They found this […]

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