Wink Martindale Is Uploading Classic Game Show Clips

Do you love classic game shows?  I do!  It’s always interesting to see where classic game shows have come from like the classic games on The Price Is Right that you don’t […]

Animation Monday: I Decided To Leave, Johnny Express, The Gold Sparrow, Food

This week on Animation Monday, I am featuring four great animated short videos for you to enjoy!  The first video from the Vimeo channel Dan Britt is about an unnamed man spontaneously quitting his […]

Geek Alabama’s 3000th Post, Thanks For Being A Fan

UPDATE:  Thanks for reading this post!  The reason I had to write this post is simple, I can not keep working for free from people here in East Alabama.  And lately, the […]

Sunday Discussion: Why I Don’t Support The AT&T / Comcast Deals

I waited for this to happen today, and it became official today.  On Sunday afternoon, AT&T agreed to buy DirecTV for around $45 billion dollars.  It’s going to take about a year […]

Video Roundup: Around the World in 360° Degrees, My Cat Saved My Son, Grilled Grilled Cheese

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 15 videos of the week! Around the World in 360° Degrees Great travel video! Blind Kellar Plays Fetch Cute animal video! Last Week Tonight Science […]

Good News Fridays: Huntsville Hospital / Blurred Lines ER / What Does the Doc Say

Last year, the Huntsville Hospital did a great parody video of the classic song “Gangnam Style.”  The video features the doctors and staff dancing and having a lot of fun!  The video […]

Spooksville Season Finale This Saturday / Kid President TV Show New Premiere Date

Spooksville Season Finale This Saturday at 4 pm Central, is the season one finale of Spooksville.  In the season finale episode called “Stone”, Adam wakes up in an alternate universe reality where […]

TV Reviews: Riot, The Carbonaro Effect, #BikerLive

On this TV Reviews post, I am reviewing three shows that have recently premiered on TV.  One show is boring, one show is for the macho guys and gals, and the other […]

Aspie Recipes: Make Cookies And S’Mores With Rolo Candy

One of my favorite candies is Rolo.  Rolo is a candy made by Hershey’s and it’s a small chocolate candy with caramel in the middle.  The candy is smooth and tastes very […]

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