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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Tabletop News

Welcome to the Crowdsourcing Mornings segment!  Every weekday morning, Geek Alabama talks about and features one crowdsourcing project from crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.  The hope with Crowdsourcing Mornings is to feature and help a project be successful and reach its fundraising goal.  Please enjoy today’s featured project!

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Tabletop News is a weekly news series covering tabletop roleplaying games, card games, board games, tournaments, streaming, and entertainment. TtN is the first consolidated weekly news show of its kind covering stories from not only the biggest companies in the tabletop gaming space, but also highlighting talented independent developers, and showcasing unique projects from BIPOC creators. It’s a celebration of tabletop gaming in all its forms, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Our goal is to release a full-length episode every week on YouTube, and then edit the episode down into individual segments and post them EVERYWHERE. Soon, bite-sized chunks of tabletop goodness will be delivered directly to your social media feeds. No matter what platform you prefer, from TikTok to Instagram and everything in between, it’ll be easy to find an update on the latest gaming buzz. Making TtN easy to find for you means it’ll be easily found by everyone else, and as the community grows, so will Tabletop News!

We’ve been developing TtN for well over a year now, and it’s a massive and ambitious project. When considering how to undertake such a massive endeavor we realized that the most important part of tabletop gaming is you, the community. That’s why we’re turning to Kickstarter to make this show. A crowdfunded news show for the gaming community, by the gaming community, keeps the industry coverage independent from business influence and assures the integrity of the programming.

It feels like every day there’s a new board game, a fresh TTRPG adventure, expansion or third party experience – not to mention roughly a million new actual plays and podcasts. The need for a central destination where gamers can find what’s happening in the space is growing more rapidly than ever. Other content hubs like Geek and Sundry or G4tv were once positioned to take up this mantle. but sadly, are now gone. With nowhere to turn for a fast-paced hit of tabletop information, it’s up to someone else to step up to the plate and make it happen…You!

It’s not just about seeing an opportunity and striking iron while it’s hot. We don’t want this to be a big corporatized production that loses its human spark. We’ve seen it happen before and we’ve worked on projects that did. Beyond anything else, we want to make Tabletop News because, as long-time gamers, we’re excited about the tabletop gaming space and passionate about the content. It’s a show we believe the community needs, one we want to watch and with your help, one we’re going to make happen!

As of March 27th, this project has raised $65,000 of their $150,000 goal. This project has 17 days left to raise the $150,000 or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $10, you will get one backerkit pass.  For a pledge of $25, you will get one adventurer’s kit.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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