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Animation Monday: Kiff First Full Episode – Thirst To Be The First / The Fourth Bath

Welcome to the Animation Monday segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Animation Monday will feature stuff from the animation and cartoon worlds. Animation has become an extremely popular format in today’s media driven world. And we here at Geek Alabama love to feature animation content!

A new animated series has started on Disney Channel.  Watch the first full episode of Kiff, Season 1 Episode 1, “Thirst to be the First / The Fourth Bath”. Kiff wants the first sip at a new water fountain and nothing will stop her! Kiff learns that at Barry’s house, his family shares bathwater and Kiff is fourth in line.

“Kiff” is a nutty animated buddy-comedy about an optimistic squirrel Kiff and her chill bunny bestie Barry. From creators and executive producers Lucy Heavens and Nic Smal, the series follows Kiff and Barry as they navigate school, relationships and their often-eccentric community in Table Town, a world where animals and magical oddballs tackle day-to-day life together. Inspired by the people and places Heavens and Smal experienced when they were growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, each half-hour episode, comprised of two 11-minute stories, includes a new original song.

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