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Video Roundup: My Top 2023 Super Bowl Ads

The 2023 Super Bowl LVII is in the books, and congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs!  In this post, I am highlighting my top 11 Super Bowl commercials during the game, and let’s just say the animals won the ad battle this year.  Let’s do it!


The Farmer’s Dog – Forever

The best ad during the game!  What a beautiful ad about your family dog living life.


Amazon – Saving Sawyer

Another beautiful dog ad!


Uber One – One Hit For Uber One

Loved the various artists in the ad, including the What Does The Fox Say!


Google – Fixed On Pixel

Great ad to market a smartphone!


Bud Light – Easy To Hold

Loved the dancing to hold music.


Jeep – Jeep 4xe “Electric Boogie”

The wild animals love the cars going electric!


Kia – Binky Dad

Cute commercial!


GM x Netflix – Why not an EV

Loved all the references to TV shows and movies.


PopCorners – Breaking Good

Breaking Bad reunited again!


Yeah, the sad music wanting to help animals doesn’t work well in the wild.


NFL – Run With It

Great ad by the NFL, you’ll have to watch it on YouTube though.

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