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Video Roundup: My Top 2022 Super Bowl 56 Ads

Well, Super Bowl 56 is over and the LA Rams won!  But, the game also featured some very creative and weird ads.  Here are my top 10 Super Bowl 56 ads!

Coinbase QR Code

When I first saw this ad, I thought my TV broke.  But, people on social media thought this ad was brilliant!


Toyota Brothers

Another wonderful Paralympic ad from Toyota!


NFL Bring Down The House

This ad was brilliant!


Budweiser Clydesdale’s Journey

The animal lover in me loved this!


Kia Robo Dog

Another wonderful ad!


Doritos/Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Push It

Animals love junk food!


Meta for Meta Quest Old Friends, New Fun

Love the reuse!


General Motors Dr. EV-il

Dr. Evil is back!


Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda Land of Loud Flavors

Interesting ad.


Rocket Mortgage Dream House

Growing up is hard to do.

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