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How To Make A Drink Like A Mixologist

Mixologists put a lot of care into their drinks, from how they look to how they taste. They must know the perfect ratios for each ingredient and how to combine them to create a delicious beverage. If you are looking to make a drink like a mixologist, there are some things you need to have in mind.


Have the Right Tools

You’ll need a shaker, a strainer, a jigger, and basic glassware. A shaker is used to mix the ingredients and a strainer helps to pour the drink into the glass without any ice. A jigger is used to measure the liquor to ensure you’re using the right amount.

When getting the right tools, it is important to ensure they are high quality. You don’t want your drink to taste watered down because you used a cheap shaker. Likewise, a poorly made strainer can make it difficult to pour your drink and cause it to spill. Get the best tools you can to make the best drink possible.


Choose the Right Ingredients

The quality of your ingredients is just as important as the quality of your tools. You will need to use fresh juices, syrups, and bitters. You will also need to have some garnish to add a bit of flair to your drink. It would be best if you also used high-quality liquor. The ingredients you use will depend on the drink you’re making. Some drinks might call for vodka, while others might call for whisky. Likewise, you may want to try different expressions of Mezcal while making drinks like a Margarita. Make sure to use the right ingredients, so your drink tastes its best.

If you need help deciding what ingredients to use, ask a mixologist. They will help you choose the right ingredients for your drink.


Know the Right Ratios

The key to making a great drink is using the right ratios for each ingredient. Too much of one ingredient can ruin the taste of your drink. Likewise, more of another ingredient can make your drink strong. You should use two parts liquor; 1 part sweet and 1 part sour.

However, some drinks might call for more or less one ingredient. Knowing the right ratios is important, so your drink has the perfect balance of flavors.


Shake It Up

Once you have your ingredients and tools, it’s time to start mixing. Add all your ingredients into the shaker and then fill it with ice. Shake the shaker vigorously for 30 seconds to combine the ingredients well. If you’re making a martini, you’ll want to shake the shaker so hard that the ice chips. This will help to give your drink a frosty texture.

When shaking your drink, hold the shaker with both hands. This will help to keep it from spilling and making a mess.


Strain Your Drink

Once your drink is mixed, it’s time to strain it into a glass. Place the strainer over the top of the shaker and then pour. Be careful to pour slowly, or you’ll end up spilling your drink. To make sure your drink is well strained, pour it into a second glass. This will help to catch any ice that didn’t strain the first time.

If you’re making a martini, you’ll want to strain it into a chilled glass. To do this, place the glass in the freezer for a few minutes before mixing your drink. This will help to keep your drink cold and prevent it from getting watered down.


Make It Look Good

Mixologists take pride in the way their drinks look. They put care into choosing the right glass and garnish to make their drinks look as good as they taste. When making your drink, take the time to choose a glass that will showcase your creation.

As for the garnish, it should be something that compliments the flavors in your drink. A citrus twist might be a good choice for a vodka martini. If you’re making a drink with fruit, you could use a slice of the fruit as a garnish. Get creative and have fun with it.



Making a great drink takes time and effort. With the right tools, ingredients, and ratios, you can make a drink that will impress your friends and family. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a cocktail, remember these tips and make one like a mixologist.

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