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Explore 8 Popular Uses For Heavy-Duty Tarps

Heavy-weight tarpaulins have various functions, especially in the building, construction, and transport industries. Most of them are manufactured using solid materials that include canvas and strong polyethylene. Tarpaulins are standard since they ensure superior waterproofing abilities, and last longer. Below are the common functions of these covers. Continue reading this blog to learn more.


1. They Protect Your Property from Storm Damage

Although it’s not your fault, you’ll likely experience damage from inclement weather like hurricanes, hails, and storms. Using lightweight tarpaulins doesn’t provide adequate solutions because they are easily blown away by the wind.

They give a false sense of security and can put you in more serious problems than before. The heavy-weight tarpaulins provide great solutions to your roofing and protect your belongings inside the property. This ensures no further damage is incurred.


2. Protects Construction Sites from Elements

Building and construction sites have many gaping holes during the project. In addition, you may leave valuable equipment during the project duration to avoid the inconveniences of moving it from one place to another.

As mentioned, weather changes may be abrupt and cause damage to the equipment and machinery, leading to costly repairs. Heavy-duty tarps safeguard the equipment left on site. In addition, they provide coverage of the areas with open-sided roof structures.


3. Covers Your Vehicle or Boat

Automobiles and sea vessels are among the prestigious valuables people own. These assets are like babies and deserve care and protection. Additionally, they are significant investments that must be taken good care of to ensure value for money. Guard the automobile against destructive factors like bird droppings and tree saps by covering it with a heavy-weight tarpaulin.

For the boats, use the covering to avoid exposing the vessel components to UV light. Consider renting a cover if you don’t have an enclosed area to park your cars or boat.


4. They Act as Greenhouse Covers

The clear, heavy, weight tarpaulins are excellent greenhouse covers. Use them for various purposes in the greenhouse, like making subdivisions or flooring. Whether a commercial farmer or a home gardener, you will benefit from using the tarpaulin. It will protect your delicate plants and seedlings from extreme temperatures and UV sunlight that increase their chances of withering. In addition, they have adequate strength that protects against strong winds.


5. Used in Grain and Silage Covers

After harvest, you should store grains in underlays in top-notch conditions. Heavy-weight tarpaulins provide exquisite conditions that protect your grains from harsh climatic conditions. The covers are strong, waterproof, and vapor barrier hence the ability to safeguard the grains from rainwater. Furthermore, they improve the oxygen barrier of the silage. This helps in providing the anaerobic conditions required for good seed quality. The grains will survive perfectly well in this state since they’re dry, and respiration isn’t active.


6. They Protect Outdoor Equipment

Individuals use heavy-weight covers for several outdoor activities, for instance, camping. In addition, they are helpful outdoors, for example, to cover the furniture in your backyard. This ensures protection from rainwater that causes wood warping. In addition, they guard equipment like machinery and generators.

As mentioned, they are water-resistant and safeguard them from moisture that causes rust. Moreover, the covers can be customized to fit the machinery precisely. This reduces the tension on the edges of the machinery to ensure they don’t tear them.


7. Used in Home Improvement Tasks

Other uses of heavy-weight tarpaulins include home enhancement projects like covering furniture during renovation. You can use them to store extra baggage. Moreover, they are excellent play capes for kids. There are various hues that are flexible to provide a nice appearance depending on your preferred type. The various colors make them attractive to kids.


8. Used in the Transportation of Valuable Cargo

The transport sector heavily relies on heavy-weight covers to safeguard goods and commodities in transit. These covers are easy-to-handle to ensure safe deliveries and keep your cargo well protected. You shouldn’t be worried about the size of your luggage since they are accessible in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all loads. In case it rains, they protect the rainwater, consequently preventing mold growth that damages valuables.



The uses of heavy-duty tarpaulins are unlimited. Whether you need it for waterproofing, providing shade, or privacy, contact professionals in your locality. They will design one that suits your needs.

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