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My Thoughts About The 2022 Midterm Elections And My Votes Here In Alabama

Tomorrow is the midterm elections and to be honest I am kind of nervous.  I’m nervous because I think the US House will go Republican.  And the US Senate is up in the air, but I am afraid that will go Republican as well.  As we have seen, there are some batshit crazy Republicans out there.  And their plans if they take back Congress is scary as hell.

They have been talking about ending Social Security and Medicare.  If that happens what do seniors and people with disabilities do?  You will have a massive homelessness crisis in this country.  And with Trump talking about rounding up homeless people and putting them in camps, it’s a convenient way to hide people with disabilities out of plain sight.

Republicans are also talking about ending all LGBTQ and trans rights.  And they’re also talking about a federal abortion ban.  Combined with the conspiracy theories, Qanon madness, and insane talking points, the Republican Party has gone batshit crazy and mentally ill.

Things are getting so bad, some on the right want a civil war.  And given what could be coming over the next few years in this country, we could see that civil war.  If the United states goes full blown into a second civil war, LGBTQ / Trans people, people with disabilities, liberals, Jewish people, and anyone who doesn’t look like or sound like and stereotypical American, will be a target.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we will see more people become “political refugees” in the United States.  And that is mind blowing, because political refugees is something you only hear about in third world countries.  With Republicans going so insane in our politics, you will see more people have to flee to blue states or out of this country for their safety, mental health, and their well-being, even if that means they must be homeless and live on the streets for a while.

And honestly it’s just so sad.  Because people who value diversity, everyone having the same rights, and living in a peaceful respectful society, is going to be chased away from red states, unless they want to be captured or killed.

This midterm election can stop some of this potential chaos in the United States.  Will people be smart and vote for the saner Democrats?  I am not holding my breath.

Anyways, I am going to talk about who I am voting for in the 2022 Alabama midterm elections. let’s get started.


Alabama Governor

I am writing in Jared Budlong.  He has been the only candidate talking sanity about our prison crisis, LGTBQ rights, reproductive health, better healthcare, and better education in Alabama.


Alabama Lt. Governor

Leaving it blank, no good candidates.


US Senator

I am voting for Will Boyd.  Katie Britt will cause embarrassment for Alabama.


US House 3rd District

I am voting for Lin Veasey, the only sane choice here.


Attorney General

I am voting for Wendell Major, Steve Marshall is corrupt bigly.


State Senator District 12

I am voting for Danny McCullars, the only sane choice.


Associate Justice Place 5

Anita L. Kelly


Associate Justice Place 6

Leave it blank.


State Treasurer

Leave it blank.


Commissioner of Agriculture

Leave it blank.


Public Service Commission Place One

Leave it blank.


Public Service Commission Place Two

Leave it blank.


State Rep. District 32 (Where I Live)

Barbara Boyd


Amendment One

Because of our failing and horrible prison system, I am voting NO.


Amendment Two

We need internet, so YES.


Amendment Three

Don’t need it, so NO


Amendment Four

YES, don’t mess with the elections.


Amendment Five



Amendment Six

YES, local cities and counties need a say.


Amendment Seven



Amendment Eight

Leave it Blank.


Amendment Nine

Leave it Blank.


Amendment Ten

YES, because we need an updated constitution.

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