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How Diversity In Playwrights Plays A Roll In Entertainment

Diversity in playwrights plays a key role in the way entertainment is made, especially for less-known or smaller productions. Many races, ethnicities, and genders are brought to the table to help make an idea come to life. It is a tradition that has been in existence since Broadway was first built, and the idea of what we see on stage today can be attributed to it. In this article, we will get into how diversity in playwrights plays a role in entertainment.


1. Improves Better Audience Understanding

Diversity allows for a better understanding of diverse audiences. It allows people of different age groups and backgrounds to understand exactly what is going on in the characters’ lives. Hearing from a person that is from a different group makes it easier for everyone involved to give their input and understanding of each aspect of the story.


2. Allows for a Wider Viewing Audience

When a diverse playwright team is hired, they are able to reach out to locations that may be considered urban, suburban, and rural. It allows the musical or plays to reach more people, especially if someone is telling the story from that area. Being from an area such as New York City sometimes makes it easier for an audience member to relate to what’s going on in the story if someone from that same location writes it.


3. Diversity Creates Competition

The competition between playwright teams and productions can keep the entertainment industry moving forward. If it’s a diverse production, it will help spread awareness and appreciation for all types of stories. It allows other producers to go out and see what unique stories they can create by hiring a team with a diverse background, allowing them to put out their own plays. This can be a great way to stay on top in the entertainment world by putting yourself in competition with others.


4. Overall Creativity

Diversity allows for more creativity to be used in the actual story. It has been known that when other people have a say in what’s going on, it gives the creator the ability to have more options on what’s happening, which leads to new ideas. When being diverse, multiple viewpoints are brought up, and it becomes easier to create something that is both thought-provoking and controversial.


5. Diversity Pushes The Bounds Of What’s Possible

Diversity allows the entertainment world to be more accepting of the idea of having different types of themes and topics that can be brought to life. When there is no competition between different playwright teams, it allows for the creation of new ideas not seen in other playwright teams or productions. It allows for many new stories to be told that may not have been told before if it wasn’t for the differences in playwright teams.


6. Diversity Enables a New Perspective

Diversity helps to give an outside-looking-in perspective to the story, which is often times needed. Having people go out of their comfort zones and work together with other playwright teams and productions allows for a whole new world of possibilities when creating something new and innovative. This is needed in the entertainment world because entertainment keeps evolving. Having more diverse playwrights’ shows allows those in the industry to have more of a positive outlook on what’s going on when it comes to the creation of shows.


7. Increases Awareness Of Real-Life Situations

Diversity in playwrights also allows for a better understanding of people with a different ethnic background than the majority. It allows for a wider range of stories to be told and gives people an opportunity to learn new things that they otherwise would not have known about. It can be used as an educational tool for others by allowing for more stories in other parts of the world, which is needed today in the entertainment world.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many roles that using diversity in playwrights can play in the creation of an entertainment piece. It allows for a more competitive and creative atmosphere to be created when it comes to being diverse. By having people who have different backgrounds take part in the creation of an entertainment piece, it will allow for more new ideas to be shared and embraced.

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