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Trainscapes: Norfolk Southern Train Hits Classic Pickup Truck At Nemo, Tennessee

Welcome to the Trainscapes segment!  Each week here on Geek Alabama, Trainscapes will feature train content including videos of trains and behind the scenes action of trains and locomotives.  Some people have an interest in seeing trains, and we here at Geek Alabama aim to please the train lovers!

On the afternoon of March 6th, 2022, Norfolk Southern manifest freight train 123 struck a classic 1967 GMC Pickup Truck at Nemo, Tennessee.

I was accompanied by my wife, our dog, and my good friend Gabe who was our local guide for the day. Within 3 minutes after setting up at the bridge, I started filming these scenes for my personal files to remember the people I was spending the day with. While recording, a blue 1960s vintage GMC pickup truck was approaching in the distance. It appeared the driver was lost while trying to find the trail that led to the riverfront.

Not realizing where he was, the driver attempted to turn his truck around. While doing so, the truck died and the driver hopped out to check his battery cable. The front of the truck was directly over the railhead so we offered to help the man restart his truck. He declined and said it was just his cable, so we stayed where we were on the opposite side of the track.

Instead of simply putting the truck in neutral and letting it back down the hill, he decided to work on the truck with the bumper overtop the railhead. This proved to be a poor decision because, within seconds of our short conversation, we heard the rail starting to pop. It was a train – and the truck was in the worst possible position.

Focused on saving his truck, the man asked us to help him but none of us were willing to risk our lives with a train fast approaching us. His wife was still in the vehicle and did not realize there was a train approaching so Gabe yelled to advise her to move. All of what you’re about to see happened within 3 minutes.

Thankfully, the woman got out of the truck just in time. If we weren’t there, she may have lost her life or been seriously injured. My wife did not realize that she had gotten out of the truck – so she was naturally concerned about her safety.

According to the Department of Transportation, there are about 5,800 train vs. car crashes each year in the United States, most of which occur at railroad crossings. These accidents cause 600 deaths and injure about 2,300 people. Most of these accidents could be avoided if motorists simply obeyed the law. Always remember to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN.

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