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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Take Me Home Film

Welcome to the Crowdsourcing Mornings segment!  Every weekday morning, Geek Alabama talks about and features one crowdsourcing project from crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.  The hope with Crowdsourcing Mornings is to feature and help a project be successful and reach its fundraising goal.  Please enjoy today’s featured project!

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If you love dogs, Cats, animal activist or just passionate about animals and their well-being: Take me home is for you.

This is a film that shares the stories of two young men in Africa Uganda who are struggling to make a difference in their community by helping stray pets.

It is estimated that there is over 70 million dogs living on the streets of Africa. This includes stray puppies and dogs that have been kicked out of a home because they were not a security feature for the owners shack. In Africa, many people get a dog to help fight crime but, living in poverty, they are unable to look after them often end up getting rid of them in any way possible.

There are about 20,000 dogs in city of Kampala. 6000 roam the streets and have no known owners. More than 2,000 stray dogs are  poisoned every year.

Kakooza and Katanaa live in the outskirts of Kampala in Uganda. When they were kids, they would walk to school along the impoverished streets where they lived, and watch the stray dogs beg for food and companionship.  Even though they had very little food of their own, they would try to help these dogs and share their food and give them love. These dogs are often poisoned, hit by cars or simply die from starvation or disease. Now Kakooza and Katana have left school and they have become committed to helping these dogs, with a dream to one day build a rescue shelter and provide medical treatment and encourage a spay and neuter program.  This is their story of achieving the impossible.

Take me home is also a film that encourages people to adopt pets as the title of the film suggests: Take Me Home, urging people throughout the whole world to engage with animal rescues and help resolve the plight of homeless animals.

As of September 15th, this project has raised $3,155 of their $27,678 goal. This project has 9 days left to raise the $27,678 or it will not be funded.  For a pledge of $24, you will get a digital download of the film.  For a pledge of $35, you will get a film download and bonus footage.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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