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Geek Alabama Pets: Dog Been In Shelter Long Time Finally Gets Adopted | Jake’s Story

Welcome to the Geek Alabama Pets segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Geek Alabama Pets will feature an interesting video or post about our wonderful pets and animals including dogs and cats. Any creature considered being an pet including dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, or other animals brings smiles and comforts to us humans. And we here at Geek Alabama love pets content!

This was Jake’s story when he came to the farm about a year ago now. He started something in us. YoYo inspired us to bring all the shelter dogs to the farm, but Jake was that very first spark for Luke.

Luke just couldn’t take him back. So he had him stay over. We didn’t tell anyone back then. Honestly, we didn’t know where it was going.

Looking back now, we know where it lead us.

Thank you Jake.

Thank you to Jake’s incredibly amazing mum. Jake seriously hit the jack pot there. He is her world.

And special thanks to Luke’s brother Ben for making us this memory for Luke and I to remember where it all started.

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