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Best Shipping Container Scenes In Cinema

Almost anytime you see a movie that includes a shady deal going down at the docks, there are probably at least a few shipping containers in the background. These shipping containers play many roles in the industry, but here are a handful of films that have brought us some of the best and most memorable shipping container scenes in cinema.

Best Shipping Container Scenes in Cinema


Lethal Weapon 2

The Lethal Weapon films remain exciting and beloved buddy cop movies, but it’s the second film from 1989 that we want to focus on. Lethal Weapon 2 culminates in a thrilling showdown at the dock, with Riggs fighting off attackers inside a shipping container before taking down the big baddie himself.


Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s exciting giant robot versus kaiju film is a memorable one. One of the most engaging fight scenes in the movie is when multiple kaiju come out from the ocean, and Gipsy Danger fights Leatherback. Shortly after getting hit with a crane, the giant mech picks up two fistfuls of shipping containers and uses them to pack an even more powerful punch.


Iron Man 3

While many people consider Iron Man 3 to be one of the weaker entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s second phase, it’s hard to deny how incredibly epic the final conflict is in the shipyard. With all the different suits moving around, things go flying, and these sturdy containers get to see a lot of action during the climactic showdown at the Port of Wilmington in Delaware.


Batman Begins

From one iconic superhero franchise to another, Batman Begins offers one of the best shipping container scenes in cinema. After Bruce Wayne goes through his training, the introduction of the big, bad bat himself takes place in a claustrophobic shipping container yard. The Nolan trilogy’s Batman does a great job instilling fear into Falcone’s lackeys.

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