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Roadscapes Wednesday: Stroad vs. Stroad: Land Use, Traffic Engineering, And What Happens When Suburban Arterials Intersect

Welcome to the Roadscapes Wednesday segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Roadscapes Wednesday will feature roads and infrastructure related topics. Geek Alabama Editor / Publisher Nathan Young is often called the “road geek” for a good reason, Nathan loves roads and loves talking about roads!

Today we’re looking at what happens when stroads, or suburban arterials, intersect, and how the design of suburban intersections is a microcosm of the kind of planning and engineering that plagues the US, particularly suburbs that developed in the latter half of the 20th century.

Our exploration will take us on a tour of:
– Suburban land uses, including big box stores and the scourge that is drive thrus in America
– Intersection operations, including signal timing and how people walking, biking, and rolling are often afterthoughts
– Pedestrian signal countdowns and push-button operations, and related frustrations

Enjoy (or loathe) this trip to the heart of terrible land use planning and traffic engineering in suburban Las Vegas!

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