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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Intermission

Welcome to the Crowdsourcing Mornings segment!  Every weekday morning, Geek Alabama talks about and features one crowdsourcing project from crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.  The hope with Crowdsourcing Mornings is to feature and help a project be successful and reach its fundraising goal.  Please enjoy today’s featured project!

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companies as service providers for DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and employee wellbeing workplace initiatives. We foster a symbiotic relationship between two previously disparate industries (the Art World and Human Resources), by providing socially engaged artists visibility and income in a new market, and offering DE&I and HR leaders access to innovative socially conscious creative content.

Through engaging workshops and intentional creative activations, we offer an alternative approach to DE&I and strategize towards more holistically responsible and cared-for communities. We want you to join us in expanding artist income streams and expanding the realm of DE&I to include art.

By supporting our campaign, you are supporting the introduction of socially engaged artists to corporate social responsibility initiatives, an $8 billion industry that currently lacks big time in meaningful relatable content, enabling artists with tremendous value in a previously inaccessible market.

Our mission is to proliferate access to the influential tools and methods inherent in socially engaged art (communication, education, curiosity, play, activism) and to offer artists a new kind of opportunity and expanded engagement with their work by leveraging the influence of corporate infrastructure as patrons of socially engaged art experiences.

As co-founders, we’ve completely invested our personal and financial resources to build Intermission for 2 years and are now at a critical point of growth. The kickstarter will support our operational demands, including paying lawyer fees used to conduct contracts with the artists and clients, hiring sales support that can more efficiently distribute information about the artists work and grow our client roster, and investing in advertising. This funding allows us to leverage new and essential resources that will enable us to bring in more clients, and offer our artists more paid opportunities. We plan to:

  • Further grow our database to allow more artists access to this new market.
  • Expand our sales outreach and education process for prospective clients.
  • Improve  traction and appeal in a bigger market.
  • Continue to develop virtual programs inclusive of a more geographically diverse work-from-home audience.
  • Strengthen our holistic approach with improved pre and post workshop communications that allow us to collect data to more effectively customize experiences.


As of June 30th, this project has raised $4,500 of their $27,000 goal. This project has 25 days left to raise the $27,000 or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $15, you will get a personal thank you.  For a pledge of $30, you will get a virtual brick.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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