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Top 5 Online Free Games To Play During Your Busy Schedules

Most of the early 90s gamers are now grown-up professionals as of 2022. As a result, most of them often don’t get much time to sit down with the PS5 and play their favorite game.

Does that mean that the days of playing your favorite games are entirely over? Of course not. If you are stuck at work and running on a busy schedule, you can still take some time, right?

Even if you have 10 minutes, you can spend that on playing fun games on the web browser. Some entertaining games help you blow off some steam and relax. In this article, I will name some games you can play during your small work breaks.


Google Atari

One of the hidden games of google is based on the classic arcade game atari; google atari breakout is great for killing time. You can play this simple game when you are bored at work to kill some time off the hectic work schedule.

What is Google Atari breakout? Google Atari breakout is simple where you have a horizontally moving bar that you control to bounce back a ball to break all the bricks visible on the screen.

The bricks have different colors offering different points. If you are looking for a game to kill some time, then this is a fun game you can play. You can also check google doodle games like google snake.


Google Tic Tac Toe

No, it does not always take Cyberpunk, GTA V, or God Of War. You can play a simple game and have fun for the time being. Google tic tac toe is a great pastime game you can play during a busy schedule.

Tic tac toe is a simple game that many of us have played during childhood. The game takes two people, and you can play it on a three-row grid. We are used to playing the game using a pen and paper. But now you can play it on google. You can play with the AI or with your friend.

There are different difficulty levels; although it might seem a little complicated to win in the beginning, you will win once you get the hang of it. Some google doodle games like google gravity are also recommendable.



If you are looking for a web game, then you must try Threes. It is a mobile game turned into a web-based game. The game has a four-by-four grid requiring you to combine numbered tiles into multiple threes. Your aim in this game is to stack up and gain rare tiles.

Yes, it may sound easy to play from reading this article, but the game is slightly challenging to play. If you want a little distraction from work, then you must play threes. It is somewhat difficult, but it is fun and worth the while.


The Wiki Game

Some people are interested to know more, and they spend a lot of time on Wikipedia. If you are one of them, then here is a game that you can play. The wiki game is a fun game that allows you to jump from one page of a wiki to another. You can jump from one information to another using the internal links of Wikipedia.

The game times you based on the ease of playing. It might seem easy to start at the Pacific War page and get to the end page of Sea. But if you try to move from the Electric Chair to the HTML, it might seem tough. Anyways, it does the job of giving you some relaxation during a busy work schedule. So, if that is what you want, then this is your game.


Quick, Draw

Do you want your game to put some value into something? If you do, then you can play Quick Draw. Although you are trying to take some time off from work, you can use it to help. How? Quick Draw is not only a game; while you play this game, you usually are training a neural network. The game presents you with a word, and you have to doodle it within a short amount of time.

This is a fun game for people who love to kill time doodling. The system then uses machine learning to understand what your drawing means. Finally, the machine uses your data to train itself.


Final Verdict

Several other quick online games are there that you can play to kill some time. Cookie clicker, line rider, Cridland, frogger, and color pipes are some of the games you can play. But if you want to spend a short leisurely moment playing a fun game, then you can check the ones recommended in this article.

If there are any queries related to these games, you can leave your questions in the comment box.



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