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Brutally Honest Aspie: “Different” People In Alabama Are Screwed

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Thanks to the US Supreme Court, our legislature in Alabama is now going to be unhinged.  The idiots in our legislature now know that without the federal courts intervening they can pass whatever crap they want and who cares if it’s racist crap, or crap that harms poor people, or crap that harms LGBTQ people, or crap that harms minorities.  Yes, they can even pass crap that will harm those with disabilities.  To sum it up, if you are “different” in Alabama your life is about to come a living hell.

And we’re seeing this already, LGBTQ kids that need medicine are being denied medicine.  It’s almost like telling a cancer patient to quit taking their cancer drugs or a diabetes patient to quit taking their drugs as well.  Quitting cold Turkey is never a good idea but hey this is Alabama where racism rules.

And we’re going to see a lot more of this crap like this down the road.  if the whole Voting Rights Act gets struck down, I guarantee you Alabama will pass laws that will harm minorities even more.  Yes, you do have people living here in Alabama that would love to go back to the days of segregation and poll taxes and literacy tests just to vote.

And what about those with disabilities like me, well I’ll tell you what will happen.  Our legislature if given the chance without the federal courts stopping them will certainly pass laws that will harm people like me.  See benefits cut entirely, maybe.  Seeing our Voting Rights axed, maybe.  Being rounded up and sent to group homes, maybe.

if you have a disability, are an woman, are LGBTQ, are a minority person, or someone who’s not a Christian, like an atheist.  Your life is about to become a living hell.  And what does that mean for me, well let’s just say if my quality of life, my well-being, or my mental health takes a toll because some in Alabama want to harm me, I might have to leave Alabama for good.

So does my future mean I have to move to a blue state for my well-being, mental health, and safety, maybe.  Because I’m not going to let racist bigots who discriminate against certain people tell me what to do here in Alabama.  It’s sad I have to say stuff like this but thank you US Supreme Court, because you just made people like me worried about my future in red state America.

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