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What Is The Difference Between Torrents And Streaming?

We all love watching great movies and TV series. We also like listening to music and playing video games. But even though we love doing these activities, we are always confused about whether to download them or to stream them in real-time.

If you are on the side of downloading all your favorite movies and TV series and watching them later, then you must have definitely torrented them. While torrenting itself is illegal, it is still widely used by many people to download movies, TV series, and many applications and video games for free.

But if you are a novice to the world of torrenting and streaming, then which one should you choose? Read this article to find out the benefits and drawbacks of both.

What Is Torrenting?

A torrent is simply a link that allows you to download files from another server. As long as you have that torrent link, you can use a torrent downloader like BitTorrent to download files from these torrent links.

There are many torrent websites from where you are able to get torrent links. These range from getting links to download movies, TV series, video games, applications, and various other digital data. These are all downloaded from another computer that is shared in the same network.

When downloading a torrent, you can check how popular it is by seeing its seeds and leeches count. Seeds refer to how many computers are hosting that file and are connected to the network. Leeches on the other hand refer to the number of computers that are currently downloading the same file from the same network.

Therefore, when downloading a torrent file, check the seeds and leeches of the file you are downloading. The more seeds the file has, the faster you will be able to download the file. However, if the number of leeches exceeds the seeds, then your download will be painfully slow.

Some of the most popular torrent websites are KickAss torrents, 1337x, and PirateBay.

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What Is Streaming?

Streaming is the act of accessing a file from a server/connected network in real-time without actually downloading the files. For example, YouTube is the most popular video streaming website that allows you to watch videos online without having to download the files.

Streaming has become very popular in this digital age because of the prevalence and popularity of sites like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and many more. Netflix has popularized the concept of streaming amazing content like great movies and TV series from your computer or smartphone.

All the content that you see on these sites is stored in the cloud on multiple servers and can be accessed by all users of YouTube and Netflix. There is no need to download them, just click on the link and start watching.

Seeing this shifting trend towards streaming, even gaming giants like Playstation and Xbox have allowed their users to stream console games directly to their computers. This is done by subscribing to the Playstation Plus and Xbox game Pass.

Streaming has also entered the world of anime where sites like Animesuge have become very popular for streaming anime TV series and movies. Other sites like GoGoAnime and 9Anime have become very popular too and can be used if is down.


Difference Between Torrents And Streaming?

Now we come to answer the most important question that you have been reading this article for – should you stream or torrent content? The answer depends on what you want to stream or torrent.

If you are interested in watching movies, TV series, and anime, then streaming them from Netflix and other sites is highly recommended. Streaming from legal websites is always safe. However, streaming takes up a lot of internet packet data, and your viewing experience largely depends on the speed of the bandwidth of your connection.

On the other hand, we do not recommend torrenting at all. This is because it is an illegal activity. When you torrent a file, you download them illegally for free. This applies to all files downloaded from torrent websites.

For example, when a new application or video game is released, we often find that it is available for free on torrent websites, which is a cracked file that entirely bypasses the security check for verifying the integrity of the files.

On the other hand, there is a high chance that torrent files might contain harmful viruses and data miners that can expose your computer to external cyber-attacks. This is one of the main reasons why you should not download anything from torrent sites.

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Torrenting a file can be dangerous because it has the highest risk of containing viruses and data miners that can expose your system to cyber-attacks. Therefore, if you want to download video games and applications, we recommend downloading them from the official websites by paying money. This is because the artists and the developers who create these games and applications deserve the money that you pay to use their products.

On the other hand, streaming movies, TV series, and anime is highly recommended because you do not have to download them and can enjoy seeing them anytime, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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