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Skills Gained By Passing Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Exam And How To Acquire Them With Practice Tests


IT specialists who wish to advance their careers have to certify the competencies they have. This involves taking as well as acing evaluations to affirm them. And for the Architect Associate test, what skills do you need to possess? This article looks at what they are and how you can gain them with ease.


Expertise Earned When Preparing for Concerned Test

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional evaluation, in other words known as the SAP-C01, confirms several skills in the design of Architect Professional . In particular, they are classified into five skill areas as captured below:

  • Organizing for the complexity of an organization

Within this topic, individuals will be learning about the determination of validation in a cross-account plus access approach. Next, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional dives into the design of networks. And finally, you will be knowledgeable on the creation of an AWS setting that has multiple accounts.

  • Developing latest solutions

The expertise you will acquire under this subject area includes decision-making on security needs as well as controls during design and deployment. The other one is the determination of strategies for creating and accomplishing solutions to meet reliability needs, performance goals, and business continuity.

  • Organizing migration

The third skill concerns choosing existing workloads plus procedures that encompass tools for migration and discerning new architectures for Cloud Practitioner . Also, in this area, the SAP-C01 test includes determining migration protocols.

  • Cost management

In the fourth domain, you will gain skills on how to choose pricing templates that are cost-effective. Also, the identification of controls as well as opportunities to optimize cost is another skill to draw here.

  • Ability to perform continuous improvement

This fifth and last skill area on continuous improvement deals with selecting strategies for the improvement of various aspects of existing solutions. This is to foster performance, reliability, and security.


Relevance of These Skills in Future

The IT industry is changing constantly due to the regular innovations that occur. As a result, competencies can become obsolete after a few years. This is also possible for those who learn through the Amazon AWS Certfication exam. However, the probability of that happening is minimal because of the technology involved. When cloud computing emerged, it radically revolutionized how IT services are delivered. Its usage has grown exponentially and has spread to all industries. Furthermore, providers of this solution are finding more ways of improving various aspects of cloud solutions. Evidently, AWS has been on the frontline leading this endeavor and constantly updating the skills validated by their certifications. Therefore, they will continue being relevant for many years to come.


How to Gain Needed Expertise with Practice Tests

It is widely known that getting training and reading are the best strategies for acquiring knowledge. However, practice tests are also essential because they highlight where you are strong and where you need to improve. Furthermore, the best way of retaining knowledge is to apply these tools in answering questions. And practice tests for the Amazon are designed to do just that.



The technical skills authenticated by the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam continue to be in high demand. It is also evident that they will continue being practical well into the future, which means professionals who have them will be relevant too. So, use practice tests plus other strategies to gain these competencies and thrive in your career!

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