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5 Wacky Features Onboard the Batmobile That Would Cost Drivers Over $144,000

Automotive experts at Select Car Leasing have highlighted 5 extreme features found on past and present Batmobiles and revealed how much it would cost to install the upgrades on your own car.

Batman has returned to the silver screen, this time with Robert Pattinson playing the iconic vigilante, bringing with him a brand new ride for the winged hero. The new electric Batmobile is modeled after a second-generation 1968-1970 Dodge Charger – but with a few exciting features.

Select Car Leasing researched characteristics of past and present Batmobiles. Using price estimations from vehicle security experts Armormax, revealed how much it would cost to add the same protective features to your car.


  1. Fully Armored Exterior: As Seen In The Batman (2022) – £47,100

If there’s one thing the Batmobile needs, it’s a fully armored exterior to protect Bruce Wayne against the criminals of Gotham.

In an iconic car chase scene in the 2022 movie, the muscle car roars across Gotham City in pursuit of The Penguin. The villain looks relieved, believing he has lost Batman to the explosion behind him – only for the fully armored bat-inspired car to fly out of the flames – not a scratch in sight.

Select Car Leasing revealed that armoring a car’s exterior would cost just short of £50k to replicate it in real life. Pricey, but worth it knowing you’ve got 1000lbs of bullet protection separating you and the villains of Gotham City.


  1. Remotely Operated Machine Gun System: As Seen In Batman (1989) – £67,285

Another famous feature aboard the Batmobile is the remotely operated machine guns, created to deter those in hot pursuit. These weren’t revealed on the latest Batmobile but were a key feature aboard the 1989 Batmobile, driven by the then-Batman, Michael Keaton.

According to Armormax, it would cost an eye-watering £67,285 to replicate this feature on a normal car.


  1. Reinforced Tires: As Seen In The Batman (2022) – £1,365

The bodywork of the new Batmobile features a matte black surface – but it also rocks a rugged-looking set of wheels with muscle-car reinforced tires.

The wheels, overall, look thoroughly aggressive, as if they’re armoured against bullets and anything else that could attempt to pop them during a car chase. After all, no one wants a flat tire to be the reason for a failed car chase.

To get your own reinforced tires, it would cost £1,365 for four brand new protected tires.


  1. Ballistic Glass Windows: As Seen In The Batman (2022) – £10,410

Ballistic glass windows will set you back approximately £1,735 per window to protect against the toughest security concerns – just like the villains in Gotham City.

The windows aboard the 2022 Batmobile are unfazed by The Penguin’s bullets, leaving the caped crusader unharmed.


  1. Smoke Screen: As Seen In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – £602

The Batman vs Superman batmobile came with plenty of new gadgets – smokescreen projectiles being just one of them. The Batman v Superman tech manual alludes to the grenades emitting an aerosol version of lead – the only material Superman’s X-ray vision can’t penetrate.

Smokescreens can be used either defensively or offensively to confuse and disorient enemies. If you were looking to replicate it, it would set you back £602 to install your own.

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