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Explore 9 Ways To Make Math Enjoyable For Kids

Many people have a perception that math is boring and horrendous. The average math score for 4th grades in the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress was 241 out of 500. These numbers are virtually unchanged since the early 2000s. 

Whether you think the score is good or bad, it’s hard to deny that many online math courses only focus on numbers, letters, and equations. Some try to make math something that kids would surely love.

If you’re looking to instill a better outlook with your kids in math, there are many ways to make it more enjoyable. Here are 9 ways to make math more fun and help them absorb all the info they need.

1: Play Math Games

Playing games is fun for everyone, right? Students can learn while having fun while playing printable games and digital games.  Mathematical concepts can be taught or reviewed using a variety of game types.

Math games can help students understand math concepts more intuitively. Various games online cater to different ages, math topics, and skill levels. Some games challenge kids’ thinking, help them identify patterns, and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Many board games are available for kids designed to reinforce math concepts and develop a love for the subject.

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2: Use Special Math Resources 

Kids who feel intimidated about math often enjoy math resources. Many of these specialized resources provide fun math for kids. You can use various math resources, including posters, flashcards, and puzzles, to engage your kids’ attention. 

You can also use resources online, as many websites offer interactive games that can help kids grasp several mathematical concepts. Some resources cater to teachers and students that you can use to teach an entire class.


3: Present Math Challenges 

Math challenges can help students apply math concepts in real life. There are tons of math challenges and contests online, some made for elementary and middle school students.

Engaging students with math puzzles is one of the most effective methods for increasing engagement. Students are challenged in problem-solving and logical thinking with brain teasers, logic puzzles, and math riddles.

Math challenges are an excellent way to get your kids’ attention. You can help your kids understand math by engaging them in fun math activities. These activities can range from simple to complex, but they will help your kids understand math concepts better.


4: Utilize Math Videos

Videos are helpful when it comes to teaching math concepts. These videos can be educational or for entertainment, depending on the content, and they can serve as supplementary resources. These resources can enhance your kids’ learning experience and teach your kids various topics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. 

The videos can also teach your kids how to calculate speed, lengths, measures, change in velocity, and estimate distances. Math videos can help students understand math concepts better, further explaining more complicated tidbits. 

There are also a variety of videos that cater to different ages, math topics, and math skills. Some videos are about math history, famous mathematicians, and careers you can pursue with math. 


5: Download Math Apps 

Math apps can help students practice math concepts and sharpen their problem-solving skills wherever they are. There are a variety of math apps online, which are available for all ages. These days, kids enjoy using various apps on their mobile devices, and they use modern and innovative features that can help your kids learn math concepts. 

Using math apps can be beneficial, especially if you want to reinforce math concepts. Some apps specifically cater to kids’ math needs, designed to enhance math skills through fun games and challenging activities. Many math apps involve a mix of entertainment and learning, as kids use the app while learning math.


6: Use Your Child’s Interests

You can enhance your child’s interest in math by teaching math concepts using topics your child is more familiar with. Using your child’s interest in sports, TV shows, books, animals, and hobbies can help make learning math fun.  

For example, you can use your child’s interest in sports to teach math concepts about sports. Using sports-related examples, you can instruct your kids about batting averages, fouls, and rebounds. You can also teach them about fractions and percentages by explaining them using sports stats. 

There are so many ways you can make math fun for your kids, and you can even make it more interesting by relating it to their interests.


7: Get Some Math Toys

Math toys can be great learning tools for kids. Many math toys on the market can help your kids learn concepts more intuitively, and they can be a great way to teach your kids about numbers, shapes, and colors. These toys allow your kids to understand many important concepts, including counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

Many math toys are educational, as they can help your kid understand math concepts in a fun and engaging way. These, however, don’t stop at plastic toys that 3-year-olds use as older kids have access to STEM toys.

Learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills is enhanced by STEM toys, kits, sets, and games. STEM toys also help kids learn through interactive activities that often enhance their enjoyment and interest in STEM fields.


8: Ask Interesting Math Questions

Asking interesting math questions can help your kids understand concepts better. There are a variety of interesting math questions you can ask your kids, from simple to complex. Asking interesting math questions can help your kids understand math concepts more intuitively. 

Questioning your kids can help them practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These questions can help your kids understand various math concepts, including multiplication, fractions, and geometry.


9: Bring Real Objects

Using real objects can make math more fun. You can use real-life objects, such as shoes, coins, and books, to help your kids understand various math concepts. You can bring these objects into the classroom, as well as at home, to help your kids understand math. 

Many kids find math concepts easier when they understand what they’re learning. When kids use objects, they are able to visualize math concepts better.


The Bottom Line

Math doesn’t have to be boring and a chore for kids. There are many ways you can make math fun, from math games, resources, challenges, videos, apps, toys, and interesting math questions. These strategies can help your kids understand math concepts better. Consider one of these and it should encourage them to learn.

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