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Check Out These 5 Top Business Startup Ideas

With the pandemic in full swing and not expected to be over until some time next year, people who have lost their livelihoods are naturally looking around at other options. Businesses that expected to transition to a digital workplace have now accelerated those plans, and it seems like it’s now the future, more than ever. 


 If you’re one of the unlucky people who lost a business or job due to the pandemic you may be considering what you could do instead. Our advice is to embrace the new normal and create a business with a growing market. These include vaping, CBD, digital marketing, and others. Read on to find out more.  

A Vaping Business 

The world has become ever more health-conscious in recent years, with the health and wellness movement, along with the self-care movement. Tobacco smoking, a one time acceptable and somewhat appealing habit for many people, has become banned and shunned. This has opened the floodgates for the introduction of vaping. 

Vaping gives you all the cool benefits of smoking but with better flavors and far less health risk. Vaping is also allowed indoors in some places. If you’re looking for a business to start in 2020 or beyond, an online vaping business could be a popular and lucrative option. People need frequent refills for their devices, and you could be their go-to service. 

A Digital Marketing Business 

The trend in digital marketing is set on an upwards trajectory for many years to come. Businesses of all kinds realize the importance of digital marketing to the success of their enterprise. More people than ever before are shopping online for their products and services, which means that companies need online advertising as much as they ever needed it offline – or more.  

You can get in on the action by starting up an online digital marketing agency that can provide companies with specialized advertising services. You will be responsible for copywriting, content management, graphic design, social media management, and much more. Don’t worry if you don’t have all these skills, starting an agency is about collaborating, not doing everything by yourself. Develop a small team of dedicated professionals and get GL insurance for your company.

A Freelancing Business 

If solo entrepreneurship sounds more appealing, then you might consider starting a freelancing enterprise based on your skills and expertise. Take some time to consider what these are. You might have some skills that you acquired through a previous job, or perhaps a hobby. Do you have writing skills, graphic design skills, coding skills, or even some industry knowledge that someone might benefit from? Why not become a consultant? 

The freelance market has really opened up in recent years with platforms like Fiverr and Upwork leading the way for freelance opportunities. Set up a profile and demonstrate the kind of work you do, after you find some clients word will spread, and your solo freelance business will grow. When you have enough of a client base, you should be able to pack in your day job and freelance full time. 

The Alcohol-Free Trade 

Like the vape industry, the market for alcohol-free products has grown significantly in recent times. This is in line with popular cultural movements such as the wellness movement and self-care. Alcoholic drinks not only cause mental fatigue and premature ageing; they are also restrictive, meaning that people can’t freely drive around and socialize. That’s not the case with alcohol-free, and it’s better for your health. 

Along with the rise in popularity for alcohol-free beverages, there has also been an expansion in the range and diversity of products. There is something to suit everyone, make the market an excellent place to start a business this year or next. You could set up a dropshipping company in which you take care of the online marketing and customer service, and the warehouse looks after deliveries. 

CBD Oil 

Another market that has grown significantly in recent times is the market for CBD products. These are oils, creams, and gumming, that have a partial extract of an ingredient from the cannabis plant. It is not that part that makes you high. Instead, CBD is good for reducing anxiety, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep. Although more testing is needed to confirm results, many people already find these products useful. 

With this in mind, it’s worth considering what you might do to benefit from the popularity of CBD. You could start an e-commerce shop, or join an affiliate program; perhaps you could start a dropshipping business that doesn’t have any need for stock. To be successful, you will still need some good online marketing and customer service skills. 

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