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6 Ways CBD Can Help Older Adults Stay Healthy And Active

The opposite of getting old is dying young, and appreciating another day on this planet is the best way to live a good life. Even so, gratitude has its limitations, and when you face physical and mental challenges, it is good to have something that helps make life easier and more enjoyable. There are various ways you can lead a healthy life when you get older, but the natural compound known as CBD stands out from the crowd.


The science behind CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant family. This natural compound has a similar chemical structure to THC—the cannabinoid that causes those euphoric effects in marijuana. What is remarkable about CBD is that it is a non-intoxicating psychoactive, so it cannot make you high or increase paranoia.

Preliminary research on CBD indicates the potential of this cannabinoid to treat a range of physical and mental ailments. The natural compound promotes change by signaling to the receptors controlled by the endocannabinoid system (ECS). A biological system, the ECS, keeps the body in optimal balance by managing functions like temperature, mood, appetite, and sleep.

Many countries worldwide have legalized this cannabinoid and paved the way for premium brands such as full spectrum cbd to create high-quality CBD oils, vape liquids, edibles, skincare products, and so on.

Six ways CBD can keep you healthy and active as you grow older


CBD provides pain relief

Aches and other ailments such as joint pain, strained neck, and back pain are typical as we grow older, but it doesn’t mean you should endure it relentlessly. Although traditional medication can provide pain relief, the side effects of taking the drug often outweigh the benefits. CBD can provide effective pain relief. Indeed, researchers believe it is ten times more effective than morphine when it comes to providing pain relief.

More importantly, CBD provides pain relief without causing adverse side effects. Research shows how CBD is a potent painkiller thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers noted how rats experienced less pain from multiple sclerosis and arthritis when given a CBD dose in two separate studies.

CBD can manage your anxiety and depression

It is ironic that the minute we become less busy and have an opportunity to enjoy more of life, we begin to suffer from anxiety. It is common to experience a sense of panic or sadness when you feel that you do not have a purpose in life anymore.

CBD can make you feel better by triggering the release of serotonin—the happy chemical that lowers anxious feelings. It can also manage GABA levels in the brain to handle challenging situations more calmly. In clearing away the cloudiness in your mind, CBD allows you to think with more focus and figure out your purpose in life should be at this stage in your life.


Prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease

CBD cannot cure Alzheimer’s disease. However, preliminary studies show that it may slow down the degeneration of this disease. Researchers noted how CBD could minimize brain cell decline and oxygen buildup primarily thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. This natural compound can potentially increase proteins responsible for removing the dead cells and plaques in the brain while improving motor function and memory.

Experience better sleep

Another irony about growing older is the lack of sleep we seem to need, despite more opportunities to sleep in. If you hope to get more hours of rest, so you avoid waking up in the middle of the night to wonder about, then CBD can help. CBD can make you tired in high doses and help you fall asleep quickly. In contrast, you can take CBD in low doses to experience a boost of energy during the day.


Fight the symptoms of glaucoma

A neurogenerative disease, glaucoma is when the neurons responsible for the communication between the brain and the body break down. This results in pressure on the eye and the degeneration of the eyesight. Researchers note encouraging evidence about CBD’s potential to help combat painful symptoms, especially pain in the eyes caused by pressure.


Reduce the risk of diabetes

The research on the benefits of CBD and diabetes is limited, and there are no published sources to date that indicate CBD’s ability to manage insulin levels. However, one study on opioid addicts showed CBD’s ability to curb cravings. Similar to other addictions, sugar cravings can overwhelm us, but with CBD’s help, you may find it tough to stay away from unhealthy food.

Growing old does not have to be a negative experience, and with CBD, this is even more true. This natural compound can provide life-changing benefits, but you must use this drug responsibly with other healthy habits such as nourishing food and exercise for the best results.

One thing to keep in mind is CBD‘s effect on some medications. Researchers note that this natural compound can block the work of some heart medication and other over-the-counter drugs, especially those containing grapefruit. Accordingly, it is best to speak to a medical professional before taking CBD to ensure you are taking the compound safely.

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