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9 Ways To Walk A Friend Through Grief

It’s hard to know what to do when a friend is grieving. Of course, you want them to feel comforted and supported – but you don’t want to say the wrong thing, either. The best way for friends and family members to walk with someone through grief is by being there for them in their time of need. These nine ways can help you be a better friend during this challenging time. 

Don’t Try To Fix Their Grief

Grief is a personal experience, and there’s no right or wrong way to feel or deal with it. Just be there for your friend and let them process their feelings in their way. If you’re not sure what to say, sometimes just being present is the best thing you can do.


Don’t Make Their Pain About You

Understandably, friends and family members might feel hurt when someone they love is hurting, but try not to let your feelings get in the way of being there for them. When offering comfort, focus on what your friend needs right now – how can you best support them?


Don’t Underestimate Their Grief

People have different ways of coping with loss, so it’s essential to respect the boundaries your friends’ set for themselves – even if that means they’re not ready to talk about what happened yet. When offering help and comfort, try asking them how you can be there for them instead of assuming that you know what they need.


Don’t Downplay Their Grief

If your friend is hurting, don’t tell them that they’ll feel better soon or that it’s not as bad as they think. Instead of minimizing what they’re going through, focus on validating the way they’re feeling and being there for them during this difficult time – even if you can’t understand what they’re going through.


Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About The Person Who Died

Your friend may want to talk about their loved one, and that’s okay. Let them share their memories and stories – it can be a healing process. Just make sure that you respect their feelings and don’t push them to talk about things they’re not ready for.


Let Your Friend Know It’s Okay To Cry

There’s no wrong way to mourn a loss, and crying is a natural part of the grieving process. If your friend needs to cry, let them. If you need to call your friend, go for it – crying can be cathartic and healing.

Letting someone know that they’re allowed to feel sad is an excellent way of helping them heal from the pain of grief.


Be Willing To Talk About The Future

It’s natural for people who have experienced a loss to reflect on their mortality – and that can be scary. So when your friend is ready, you might want to offer reassurance by talking about how they’re going to live a long life full of happiness and laughter. It may not seem like it now, but there’s a lot of life left to live after someone you love has died.


Be There For Them When They Need You

Some days your friend might want to talk about their grief, and some days they might not. Just be there for them when they need you, and don’t push them to talk about things they’re not ready for. If your friend just wants to watch TV or eat junk food, let them. If they’re going to cry and talk about how much their loved one meant to them, offer a shoulder for them to lean on.

Just being there is often the best thing you can do for someone going through grief – so if your friend wants some company or needs a hug, give them what they need as soon as you can.


Get Them Help If They Need It.

If your friend struggles to cope with their grief, they might need professional help. Don’t be afraid to suggest therapy or counseling – it can be an excellent way to work through their pain and start the healing process.

There are also many support groups available for grieving people, so if your friend wants to connect with others who are going through the same things, encourage them to attend.

Sometimes people need help to work through their pain to heal – and that’s okay. However, if your friend struggles with grief or mental health issues, make sure they get what they need ASAP. If they have been using substances to cope with their grief, then look into an addiction treatment facility for them. They may need some professional help to detox and heal. 

Grief can be difficult to cope with, and it’s okay to need help. If your friend is struggling, make sure they get the support they need. Many resources are available, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Grief is difficult to go through, but there are ways to help your friend through it. By following these tips, you’ll be able to offer them the support they need and help them heal from their loss.

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